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Artist: French Montana
Album:  Mac & Cheese 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   State of Mind
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Some people like to get away
Some people like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighborhood
Take flights in Miami beach or to Hollywood
But I'm takin a greyhound
On that hudson river line
I'm in the New York state of mind

[Verse 1]
Fornication at an all-time high
Tryina make it was a full time job
I mean damn near lotto, damn near robbery
Coming from the bottom, see grinding never bothered me
Bookin on this foe while my brain fried
Hustle by the same sign serving them
Leanin off the ash, had the same job
Sacrifices, going through the crisis
Working with a little, got negotiatin crisis
All the years we was real close
Now I see these faces on the pictures
Man, wishing we was here toastin'
There it is what it be
But this time I take away your misery and make it mine


[Verse 2]
Can I live with prices in my head?
Talk the life is doin bizz, say I help em learn to pray
Turn my high thoughts to a jackpot
Hard head niggaz soft ass shorty, ass soft in the hard top
Clean with it, 30 clip make you lean wit it
Niggaz talkin bout but we live it
See we sidin, try and keep it on me
Body & soul, fast money and hoes
We're gonna hate you til you leave
Matter of fatigue
All winter, fish the chief, Long John Silver
Lows with the highs, sweatin tellin lies
Singing to the boys, got everybody doin time
Today one payday, everyone greedy
Second place first loose, we made it
Takin easy
Call the many lions hit the block when your baby crying
Have to slay the mount deggen killing freedom signs
Slip through the back door, come clap the back board
Get it when you're supposed to, never when you aks for it
Fuck niggaz seeing copy, aks in gobbie
Niggaz hall trees, we cover all ends
Back to the top, throw the top in the back in the coupe mean
Bitch see the crib, try to move in
Herb those, hoes never turned good bitches
But the good bitches turned hoes
Long ball with us