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Artist: French Montana f/ Young Cash
Album:  Excuse My French
Song:   Paranoid
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{Young Chop on the beat~!}

"Yeah, yeah, itís crazy cause, man, it was likeÖ
I saw, one of the guys shootin' on the corner
Damn, nigga, this nigga really shootin' on the corner" (yeah, yeah)
"All the little kids" {MONTANA} "Er'ybody runnin'
He shot the whole van up, and Iím like damn
And we dipped..."

[Chorus: Young Cash]
I've been so (I've been so) paranoid (paranoid)
I hear these niggas tryin' to fuck with me (fuck with me)
Fo real shit, I know I got enemies (got enemies)
I can't let them niggas enter me (enter me)
I ain't scared to die nigga, huh
I'll take your life nigga
Fuckin' shoot 'em down nigga
A hundred rounds'll put you down, nigga

[French Montana]
I be the hottest nigga out my city (hah)
Hit you with some shit, you never stayed O-50 (hah)
Know a nigga shine, all my diamonds pretty (hah)
I hit a lick, I'm worth a couple million (hah)
That car net worth 400 thou nigga (thou nigga)
That top drop like Pacquiao nigga (whoop)
I hit up K.O.D. and left a hundred there (hunnid there)
And a hundred on my watch I'm shining er'y minute (er'y minute)
They caught him on that corner, left a hundred in him (hunnid in him)
And these niggas goin' broke, that'll never be me (hah)
Paranoia (paranoia), got me watchin' lawyer (lawyer)
Molly water (Molly water), tryna wake up sober (hah)


[French Montana]
And I made a mill in 30 minutes (30 minutes)
And I'm ridin', clip with 30 in it (30 in it)
And your head, I put 'bout 30 in it (30 in it)
When them shots hit him, it choppa down, nigga
I been sober (I been sober), paranoia (paranoia)
That baking soda, could help yo boy out
Get your head blown off, your body for a verse (hah)
When the chopper hit 'em, niggas yellin' holla mercy
Bloody murder (bloody murder), go and dig the dirt out (dig the dirt out)
Choppers ringin', don't you let 'em get a word out (get a word out)
Probably talkin' 'bout nothin' you done heard 'bout
Niggas gettin' smoked, bitches gettin' turned out

[Chorus] - 2X