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Artist: French Montana f/ 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross
Album:  Excuse My French
Song:   Marble Floors *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* deluxe edition bonus track

[Intro: Rick Ross]
(Hah) So I let the bitch hang out with me right?
(Hah) Ya know, word got around I was fuckin' this nigga bitch
So the nigga called me.. {EarDrummers} 
He like, "You fuckin my bitch?" I'm like, "I'm fuckin her right now" 
{Maybach Music}

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
Got yo bitch tip-toein' on my marble floors (HUH)
Red bottoms only for the centerfolds (HUH)
Big bodies, I got 10 of those (WHOOP)
Whippin' work, it smellin' like they dinner rolls (WHOOP)

[French Montana]
Told that bitch take your shoes off, look don't even argue (hah)
Got your bitch tip-toein' on Italian Marble (ay)
They on that bad batch (batch), too much pork around it (round it)
Shorty ass fat (fat), you gotta walk around it (hah)
Big body got 10 of those (hah), cars, cribs, that's eight hoes (hah)
Nine piece that's dinner rolls (hah), wild freaks, that centerfold (hah)
Hundred on my shine (shine), you don't like it fine (fine)
Got ya bitch tip-toein' like Gregory Hines
Cashing out with that nina (nina), ten days you ain't seen her (seen her)
She ask for it and I beat it (beat it), you greedy nigga you eat it (eat it)
These corny niggas all on my dick (hah), princess cuts all in my wrist
Hundred rounds all in my hip, 200 grand all in my whip


[Lil Wayne]
Uh, wet work, got the kitchen stankin'
We call a undercover, a pig in the blanket
Uh, lifestyles, of the rich and famous
Shoot you in ya head, like Abraham Lincoln
Uh, stuntin' on them bitches like Birdman
Roll the weed in white sheets - Ku Klux Klan
Uh, put it on the scale, watch it do numbers
Playin' with them keys, like Stevie Wonder
All my hoes pretty, all my niggas Brazy
We sell that white, sell that brown, call that rice and gravy
Call me Tunechi Lee, or don't call me at all
Man fuck all you niggas - hm-mm, PAUSE


[2 Chainz]
2 Chainz, that's your best answer
Cup filled with pink, I'm supportin' breast cancer
I might do that walk for the 5k (5k)
I get paid every time I leave my driveway (Tru)
Got yo girl tip-toein' on my marble floors (blaow)
Sittin' by the pool, jumpin' off the diving board (splash)
Gettin' to the money I'mma need a money counter (counter)
So many acres, my neighbors stay in another county (DAMN)
Ted Dibiase in Versace loafers (uh)
All you talk is shit, nigga - halitosis (tell 'em)
Ghosts, I pulled up in that pale thang
Got a Chanel chain, on top of Chanel chain, on top of Chanel chain, on top of Chanel chain


[Rick Ross]
WHOOP~! {Mike Will Made It...}