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Artist: French Montana f/ Mavado
Album:  Excuse My French *
Song:   Ghetto Prayer
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

* Best Buy deluxe edition

Blew my chance to see the day after sleeping way past noon
An ache inside my head was burning
The sky was blue instead of grey and I knew I'd woke too soon
But far too late to be returning

[Chorus: Mavado]
Oh Jah please be my shield when enemies fire
Jah please answer to my ghetto prayer [x2]

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Gone to the graves so I make a visit
Problem after problem that was staying busy
Fuck all you haters, fuck my baby momma
Fuck you niggas snitching, fuck your code of honor
Niggas nagging got my own problems
Made my own comments, time to get on and spend my own dollars
Start to finish a couple killers strictly business
Life at odds bad bitches caught a million calls
American dream came through the block in that thing
Niggas was fiening
You know I'm a rider, ducking and weaving
The gun is my shied
I stop you from breathing

[Chorus: Mavado]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
First I got the deal then my nigga lost appeal
Spent a hundred on the watch whole time making mill's
You scaring who? Clear ice blurred view
Bitch I'm sharing you let the other nigga marry you
Penthouse 3 floors ain't no clear view
Back blocks head-shot yeah nigga where was you?
Start up money now I'm on call up money
Never took a dollar for me
Real nigga slaughter for me
Look at stars feeling closer to God
Get bent roll one for my dogs
Hustling was a job
Nigga you ask for it
Stamps on your passport
Work on the scale boy
Price on your head boy

[Chorus: Mavado]

Pray for me tatted on my neck

[Outro: French Montana]
American dreaming, came in with an I-20 visa
Hit the streets up
Hustle [x12]