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Artist: French Montana f/ Rico Love
Album:  Excuse My French
Song:   Drink Freely *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* deluxe edition bonus track

[Intro: Rico Love]
Ahhooooo... (yeah)
You and your homegirls drinkin' on me tonight (yeah, Montana)
Drink freely (whaaat) Turn the lights on!

[French Montana]
Uhh, drink freely
And holler anytime you need me
Baby you should enjoy yourself
Bossed up need no help
They say fly girls have more fun
Get wasted like we on the run
First we turn the party out
Then I turn shorty out
European car, put your luggage by the engine
I'll be Ross-stein then you could be my Ginger
(Montana) Shorty cash out I don't sell dreams
You got a V12? I got 12 V's

[Chorus: Rico Love]
Do girl, what you do girl
Got a few more bottles of champaign
for you girl, so drink freely
And if it's true girl that the pretty girls 
have more fun, then you should enjoy yourself 
and holler if you need me.. drink freely

[Interlude: Rico Love]
You and your homegirls drinkin' on me tonight
So drink freely

[French Montana]
Uh, I need a new girl, I need a few girls
I need a pornstar, I need a schoolgirl
You never stress me, we drinkin' champagne
We livin' stress free ain't worry 'bout a damn thing
See you workin' hard, go enjoy yourself
Drop top breeze good for your health
Holler if you need me I'll kidnap you for the month
I throw them doors up and tell her go in for the punt
We don't use G5's, water planes
Land on your surfboard, hop out with my shirt off
(Montana) Gold chains like Notre Dame
Wakin' up wasted, do the walk of shame - hah!

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Rico Love]
Yeah, yo P, tell the waitress
Send like 50 bottles over to shorty
Yeah, turn the lights on

I can tell when you got dressed tonight
Girl you took your time
Might as well have a few shots on me
Girl the pleasure's mine, yeahh
And I ain't tryin' to crowd you baby
I just wanna play my part
There's a lot of niggas 'round you baby
But all them niggas do is talk
And I'm thinkin' where they clash at? iPhone 5, check your NASDAQ 
At the party's wherever your ass at
100 grand large in the 'rari where my stash at
Corny shit I'm past that, TTLO with the hashtag

[Chorus] - 2X w/ French ad-libs


[French Montana]
Montana, Rico, hahhh~!