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Artist: Flow Click f/ Joe (Bang Boogie)
Album:  Flow Click
Song:   Rollin'
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Check it, check it
This for all the dippers here
All the dippers in the west coast
To the west coast
Doin' thangs
Bout to go down
I see them

(Verse 1)
It's that invincible
My principal reason for comin'
To the test, puttin' it down like O2 in ya chest
It's the wild wild west, yippee ki yi yay
Breakin' 'em off each and every day, got it bumpin'
In the trunk and, nothin' but that funkin' bass
Bumpin' so hard, you think there's people in there humpin' (Uh)
Jumpin' on that avenue slick
Scoopin' up Bobby Bout It and B-Way right quick (What up, dog)
Face bullets on the way in, nuggets got some hay, hit
(???), '64 Chevrolet
Low-low's, yeah, we bringin' it back
To the west where they belong with original chrome (Uh)
Once again, it's on
And poppin'
People hittin' switches like they dippin' and droppin'
Ain't no stoppin' the flow tonight
Flow Click, west coast baby, goin' all night

Chorus: Joe
Hoppin' down the street
We rollin'
You don't work, you don't eat, we
Three wheel motion
Flauntin', talkin'
Hoppin' down the street
We rollin'
You don't work, you don't eat, we
Three wheel motion
Flauntin', talkin'

(Verse 2)
Yo I
Pack 'bows, pack shows, pack hoes (Uh, uh, uh)
If you trippin' off my style, then I get to packin' blows
From your chins to your eye sockets, that's the way it goes (Sockets)
Gettin' high like a sky rocket, that's the life I chose
Some say that mama knows best, but we departed
So pass me the bud and that brew, and let's get it started (Let's get it started)
And once I'm started, I'm gettin' retarded
I could make these people move like the fat guy that farted (Yo, watch out)
We roll deep
Deeper than that madness
Leavin' fools on the floor, concrete curb, or the canvas
I'm from the west, killer Cali be my dwellin'
Palm trees, food stands, bad bitches, who you tellin'
I'm tellin' you this, this Latin gon' get it crackin'
And bringing the heat to your icicyle bones, and stackin'
Chips and cheddar, nobody do it better
Not just changin' the game, sipper, we changin' the weather

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
It's that
Slow flow, D-O, no that ain't me
It's that lyrical loco they call T
I swoop into the
Left lane, like we did back in the days
So I can see the traffic goin' both ways (What up, yo)
Stuck on every light like a moth
Watchin' fine bitches takin' it off (Daymn, whoo)
They look soft
Can I come and chill with you for a minute
Fuck a speed limit
Ay yo, I'm tryin' to get up in it, hah
My name is Swoop and you fine, and I flow
You the kind of girl I could see up in my video
G-string, don't be givin' up slack
With a tattoo right above the crack, blow her back
Baby, can we chill, you and your girlfriend (Uh)
She looked me up, look me up, took me up, and now I'm in
And that's the way it goes, for sho
California style, sucker, dippin' in my low-low

Repeat Chorus

How Joe sound, hah
{*imitating Louie Armstrong*}
With Louie Armstrong
Three wheel motion
{*normal voice*}
Make a bitch
Strip naked to the floor
Strip naked to the floor
{*English voice*}
Excuse me
Excuse me