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Artist: Flow Click
Album:  Flow Click
Song:   Got Rhymes
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Chorus: T-Swoop
I got rhymes, got flows, got friends, got foes
Got chickens in the front, and they takin' off they clothes
People jumpin' up
People fallin' down
People gettin' high, pass the mary jane around

(Verse 1)
I got rhymes, got flows, lyrically self imposed
Wreckin' rappers down like a toilet by the loads
Hearin' them bust
The bootiest, fruitiest rhymes
Takin' they time lyrically, famished and uninclined, yo
But who am I (Who am I)
To break on you for what you do
Brother, get yours, I'm a get mine times two
Just give me the mic
And lyrically, I'm a lace
Yo, I give it to 'em raw, but they can't handle the taste
So I
Don't stop, I get it movin' fast, yo
We step up in the club and get it crackin' like ASS...
Big fish when I'm swimmin', swim and swallow
They step up to the stage, crack a brew cause I'm hollow
Ain't no tomorrow when I'm spittin'
Subliminal sounds, can you really hear me now
I guess not, and can't nobody show you
So fuck you and them twenty dollars that I owe you

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
My rhymes are like a
Chin check, you can't help I'm in your neck
That's the way it goes, when I'm catchin' wreck or you disrespect
The flow master
T to the Swooper
Set trippin', come up shorter than a Oompa Loompa
I must
Bust, and leave you in disgust
You'se a ace, but you goin' up against a royal flush (Flush...)
I'm takin' over the world
Slangin' CDs and see T bookin' dope to your girl
I was underestimated
But now I'm in the mix
With these fly ass Spanish soap opera chicks
Check it
Quiero Bailar
Quiero Bailar
Nena, ya te dije que yo Quiero Bailar
That's right, all it takes is a phone call
And I give it to ya raw, mami, dimples and all
I thought you knew, it's that coaster Rican funk
Boomin' in them Jeeps, clubs, pubs, and in the trunks
It don't stop til the break of Jamaica dawn
Me and you, baby, now it's really on (On...)
So call your friends and your foes, even though you call 'em hoes
Gotta step to 'em (Rather give it)
You know how it goes

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Hit the lights, yo, and hit the AC
I'm lookin' for The Promoter so he could pay me
And if you rockin' a mic for free, you lazy
But me
I need a freak at least to lay me (That's right)
I don't care about your nose, eyes, and toes
I hit it all, white, black, brown to Eskimos
You know I got flows, I could tell you know the deal
You take me way back, sippin' on that strawberry hill
But chill for a second, let me finish up my record
I love my music first, girl, don't you disrespect it
Check it
I got too much speed for the opposition
Pullin' switches, when I'm done diggin' my incisions
Takin' over the world in a minute
These rappers all hurdlin'
I'm at the vertical limit
Today, no stoppin' when it goes
But for now, yo, I got rhyme, got flows

Repeat Chorus Til Fade