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Artist: Flow Click
Album:  Flow Click
Song:   Daddy's Little Girl
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[T-Swoop {*Natalie giggling in background*}]
Yeah yeah
This song is goin' out to my little girl in California
Waiting for daddy to get home
I'll be there in a minute, girl
You hold on
To anybody else that got a seed
You need to look after them and protect them
Especially them little girls 

Chorus: Tavares
This is dedicated to daddy's little girl
This is dedicated to you cause you're three years
Strong and growing
This is dedicated to
You, baby, only you
This is dedicated to
Daddy's little girl

[Verse 1: T-Swoop {Natalie in background}]
Now I remember
Before your birth, when you was up inside your mom
You hardly moved around, always keeping it calm
I used to
Talk to you, tryin' to find ya ear
A couple soft kicks, and yo, I knew you were there
Listenin' to what I had to say, in books I had to read
Breakin' it down to you cause you my seed
Life is hard, but you know that you can count on me (Life is hard)
Remember I love you
Truly (Truly)
It showed that deep {I love you, daddy}
Now I felt your first breaths and watched your first steps
Talkin' come next, I thank God that I'm blessed
And I hope you understand, I'm what you mean to me (You know, girl)
You the ruler of my world, you a queen to me

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Now baby
Growin' up in life, now, you gon' see some things
I know you still kind of young and wanna play on swings (Come on)
But let me break it down to you cause your life can change
If you don't walk the right path, you start actin' strange (Right path)
First of all
The only one down for you is you
Forget about the things that your friends say you do
Like drinkin' and doin' drugs, that's bad for your health
And wearin' the wrong clothes, and exposin' yourself
Baby, men don't give a damn about you (Damn)
They only want penetrate, regulate
That's why they buyin' you brew
So make 'em wait until he's black and blue
Will make decisions when you're ready (You're ready)
I'll bet you he'll respect you
And when you do
Be as safe as you can be
From chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV
Or any other diseases, or even pregnancy
Your life is too damn precious, baby, that's comin' from me

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Now I don't mean to be blunt
In how we speakin', but girl, you need to know
It's a long hard life
And any time, we need help
Well, growin' up too fast is gonna break ya body down
Take your time, appreciate the fact that daddy's still around (Take ya time)
To let you know and get you on the right path
Forget about the bitchin' and the drinkin', do ya math
Respect other races and respect yourself
And don't be chasing any man just because of his wealth
Be a leader, not a follower, take your time
And no matter
What they hollerin', you more than a dame
Forget the drugs, sex, lies, and the drop top Cadi'
It's that T-Swooper (T-Swooper)
A.K.A. daddy

Repeat Chorus

Tickle my feet

Come on, let's go

{*Natalie laughing*}

You'se a loner, whatever
As if
Get the picture
Look at my stomach