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Artist: Flavor Flav
Album:  Flavor Flav
Song:   Let it Show
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Yeah, that's right, one more time from the top
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhh yeahhh
Ohhhhhhhh oahhhhhhhhhh yeahhh

[Flavor Flav - singing]
Sometimes you feel like you got no one
And your back is up against the wall
And your legs get real weak
And you feel like you want to fall (want to fall)
All your strength is gone, there's no hope to live
Then you say to yourself - I gave all that I got to give
But I can't give up the fight, I gotta keep it movin
God gave me the power to keep it strong, not losin
God is here with me right now, sure as I rip these flows
Sure as the trees and the grass and the flowers grow
He's the reason why I'm gonna let it show

[Chorus: Flavor Flav]
If you feel like showin some love toniiiiight
Let it show, let it show
If you're happy and you know it and not afraid to show it
Then - let it show, let it show
If you feel right cause you finally got to see the light
Let it show, let it show
Take it from Flav because I'm not afraid to let it show
Let it show, let it show
Let it showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[Flavor Flav - singing]
This one goes out to all the people, that sleeps on the street
Who ain't got no money in they pocket, and can't get nuttin to eat
This goes out to all my boys, locked up in jail
That's right we got your back, don't you know we know you didn't fail
This one goes out to our parents, the ones that had us
And don't you know theys got our back, no matter what else happens
Momma I love you, this your son on the radio
Don't you know, that God gave me this power and I let it flowwwwww

[Chorus] with ad libs

Praise God ha ha
HA HEY! Let it show (let it show) let it show (wah hey)
(Ha hey, ha hey, ha hey)

[Outro: Flavor Flav]
Aiyyo check this out
This one goes out to all the people right now that's sleepin in the graveyard
You know what I'm sayin
Old grandmothers and grandfathers, y'know the ones we miss dearmost y'knahmsayin
The ones that's, was very close to us, that just passed away, y'knahmsayin
But that's just their body gone
But their spirit is gonna always be here forever
And y'all need to know that, y'knamsayin
So take it from Flav, because God gave me the power, to let it show
Y'knahmsayin, toe to toe, Flav, let it show

{*ad libs to end*}