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Artist: Flame
Album:  Forward
Song:   Absolute Truth
Typed by: @JesusPeaceRadio

If what we sayin’ is true, then it changes everything.

A Catholic man holds his rosary
Islam holds the Qur'an
While dudes on the streets tryna hold on to time
While Buddhists look for peace
Hindus and Sikhs
The truth is absolute, that’s why I hold on to mine 

God’s plan is to make from our nations one bride (??)

Listen, can we talk religion
And world views for a minute?
(We just talkin’)
They say the White man Jesus
Got the Black man deceived
I can hear ‘em now in the prisons
(Run amuck)
All the Five Percenters sayin’ what we believe
(Y’all know)
Black Jews, Hebrew, Israelites, and the Moors
(Our nationalities)
All got solutions for these animals
(That’s what they tellin’ me)
To free us from our lower selves
(The yin and yang)
They say we need to know ourselves
(Your heritage)
They didn’t teach us how to in-terstand
(Not in school)
How to outta-stand and how to over-stand
(We use they books)
They only taught us how to understand
(That’s all they taught us)
Ever since they took us from the Motherland


I get it - Jesus didn’t have blue eyes
Blonde hair, but sheep wool.  Skin, bronze
(Like mine)
You say, “That’s what the text say.”
I say, “Oh, we usin’ the Bible?”
(Oh, okay!)
Well, let me show you what the text say
Checkmate - context is so vital
You’re making reference to Revelation in Chapter 1
Verses 14 and following.  The Apostle John
Gave a description of his vision of Jesus, the Son
Them characteristics represented judgment to come
And other things
But, it wasn’t describing his race
(At all)
In that case, He literally has fire in His face
So, we cannot isolate verses and makin’ ‘em say
What we want.  
Warnings of that are on the last page
In that same book


Jesus is the culmination
(The fulfillment)
Of all the Old Testament pages
(All the imagery)
The last Adam and the Son of David
(The reigning Kings)
The suffering servant and the light to the nations
(The final Priest)
Who perfectly overcame all of His temptations
(Faithful remnants??)
The first born from the dead and fruit of the New Creation
(The ultimate prophet)
I hear that you live by the law
(You are?)
Just know when you’re droppin’ the ball
(You gon’ sin)
The Yahweh is not lettin’ you off
(You’re sin-natured)
‘Cause if you break one, then you’ve broken ‘em all
(That’s His standard)
And, all your sacrifices will never suffice
‘Cause Yahweh only accepts perfection in life
(That’s it!)
So, by this standard, Jesus is the true Israel
And, the people of Yahweh are united to Christ


You need to have friendships and relationships with people who disagree with you.