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Artist: Fiend 
Album:  The Addiction 
Song:   Gotta Get It 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

I gotta get it, take it to the block 
I gotta get it, make it on the block 
And it ain't no stopping me 
Ain't no stopping me, unless you popping me 

I gotta get it, take it to the block 
I gotta get it, make it on the block 
And it ain't no stopping me 
Ain't no stopping me, unless you dropping me 

I come straight from the swamps 
Where we use to keep, sawed off pumps in the trunk 
Play pussy and you sprayed, like you aces are chumps 
Place the base and the plate, that was the cut 
From the soda that baked, and tell Jeezy soldier this is our fate 
I'm armed and a king, and I feel no harm when I pray 
But that don't mean, I hesitate to knock off more with a K 
Some say I'm scorned, better light of day 
Enough thorough creature only corner, when I like the hay 
Fighting with the mighty, cigarette and Lewis 
That'll square we could do it, I don't care if you lose fluid 
You a lotto I pursue it, I'm po' and I'm use to it 
You done changed and it could change if I do it, screw it 
Catch you at the shopping mall, yeah I been watching y'all 
Your family ain't in the way, because I'm popping y'all 
Ain't nothing better, when the Fiend see money 
Not a crumb in the house, and I ain't never been this hungry 


I cut em down, and buck em down like P-E 
I shut em down when there's nothing around, there's nothing 'round 
Busting down tools, busting at these fools 
Split your shit like ooh, you mean something too 
I walk in the dark, went through your eyes to see what's off in your heart 
And the hood, know I'm rough from the start 
Will my trill real kill if they gotta, chasing bills to the mill in that Impala 
Flipping narcota', a down South rider 
Ain't nothing weak, but the niggaz we hunting 
If some'ing wreak, that's the niggaz we stuffing uh-huh 
All the mac's black, all the cash stacked 
All the crack packed, this is where we at 
Live by the facts, don't fuck with no rats 
Last one we snatched the cat, and he was missing his back 
I spit it real gutty, and leave your brains like silly puddy 
That's a good visual, up in the Dirty 


I'm on point, like a canopy top 
Showing lil' niggaz, this is how you handle a glock 
Granted or not, I'm the fucking man in my spot 
Sand or the rock, most of y'all woulda ran and just dropped 
Hot as it is on the block, I don't die 
Nothing but the FEDs and the cops, led in the shop 
25 years in my socks, pops told me hustle till I can't sweat no more 
Bang till the bullets, ain't up in the tech no more 
Something to live by, die by 
In front of them people, tell the right lie 
My whoadie I don't gotta do five, he'll survive 
Or he'll survive, or we burn this bitch up 
I had a spot Uptown, and then I switched up 
Moved it to CPT, and got them big bucks 
I jumped in the game, when I was 14 
Just when you boys thought you know Fiend, go getter in my genes