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Artist: Fatty Koo
Album:  House of Fatty Koo
Song:   Fatty Koo
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ooh ooh ahh ahh, my my my my let me get a taste
Of your sweet potato pie
Ooh ooh ahh ahh
My my my my

[Verse 1]
Yo, it's fatty koo. (ah no, no no no) keep it hot
Got black cajun cabana models. sweet candy
Sensation, you give me all that I need
up in the club, mami, you bouncin and shakin like you don't care
you in your see through victoria's secret underwear
Girl, you so hot, you make me doo wop
when you shake your fatty, eyes turn, mouths drop
I wanna see you shake your fatty, please don't stop
(don't stop, don't stop)

Ooh ooh ahh ahh. my my my my
You the mommy & I'm the daddy
When you feel the rhythm, lose control
Move your body and get on the dance dloor
Fatty koo! she's freakin her fatty koo
Fatty koo! she's freakin her fatty koo
Fatty koo! she's freakin her fatty koo. fatty koo!
Fatty koo (hey!)

[Verse 2]
Ay, sexy daddy, I know you like it when I shake my fatty fatty
I see your eyes lookin at me
If you want me, you can have me
Tell me if you want to freak with me. I can be your little fantasy
You know I like it when you undress me. (baby, we can do it) follow me!


[Verse 3]
You already know who's hot & who's not
You hot, sizzlin in the drop
Belly dancin don't stop
Let's get it on, you on top
So many reasons we got
No schemes, what I need with a plot?
This is pelle all day, ma
So what you actin bashful for?
Go'on and shake and give me your encore
You damn right we want more
Let's leave the club & go on a detour
We can make love as we cruise on the seashore
Givin it up real nice up on the dance floor
Follow me, be sure
I got a thing for you, ma, but keep it on the low
And maybe we can creep after the show
You like that


Belly dance for me
Don't stop