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Artist: Hussein Fatal
Album:  Makaveli Soldiers
Song:   Poppin Early
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[Verse 1]
Im Hussein, the Glock cocker, block rocker
Hell of a shot, with the 19 dropper
Smoke the goods, then I choke the hood
Im like a crooked crab cop on the local for good
Murdered my enemies, buried them with the hearters
Dont trust these niggas so I carry a 9 milimeter
In the ??? ballin like never before
Have niggas on ur porch with beretta and fours
Im there trippin off the ???
Reppin Pac, Ill slap u bitchniggaz, I dont care who u with
Cock the sleeve, draw back and cock the e
Think he trippin, you slippin, I got the lead
U ain't gettin a bit of this dough
As a matter of fact gimme that dawg
Payment plan consider it throwed
And I got let you know, 1 more thing from the door
I ain't beefin with the homies, it was never on the low

A gangsta party, we can get it poppin early
Be easy shorty, we can get it poppin early
Now throw ur hands up, lets get it poppin early
And put ur drinks up, lets get it poppin early
Dizza just a dawg baby, I got it poppin early
Another thong song have ur draws droppin early
We get that brick money, u know we coppin early
A 45. slug will have your heart stoppin early

[Verse 2]
There ain't no nigga like the Don Hussein
And if I could I would do it all again
I throw it up if you feel me
And if u hating, get in ur line with ur 9 everybody wantin to kill me
Associated in the pressence with thugs
Dont be ??? half steppin to us
See, Im all about my chips man, watch on my wristband
Droppin that six man, when the Glock switch hands
Im gangsta shorty, we can get it poppin early
Hit the telly, in the mornin we go shoppin early
Only way to get in it, we need a ho in the circle,
Baby girl Im sure u can fit in it
Chumps I rip to get off the dick
And I bang in the range to floss the brick
We're Murder incorpirated, ofcourse ur hated
Hussein force to hate u, get crossed ???


[Verse 3]
Im way ahead of the game, u know I bang
Maintain my contaimnet, bitch switch lains
??? arraingnment, how quick the shit changed
Now Im back in the bricks doin big big thangs
Catchin much hell in Jail,?? population doin fine
They know when I get out Im going to shine
I keep a nine, Outlawz I ride for em
Cuz I can ignore him, I live a life of solja and Ima die for em
I know they hate Hussein, cuz they dont wanna see me up
Popp them little dealers, they try to beam me up
This thug shit Im livin it
U wanna hoffa, then holla, u can ???
Its over homie, in his rhymes he told u homie
And we're here to take the torch u claim to hold before me
I'm not the one, dont speak unless u got a gun
I can't let you niggas take nuthin from Pac and run