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Artist: Fatal Hussein f/ 2Pac
Album:  No Way Out
Song:   Keep Goin'
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[Intro: Sample from 'New Jack City' by Keisha (Vanessa Williams)]
I mean what?
People going crazy over this?

[Chorus: Tupac]
It don't stop, keep going
It don't stop, keep going

[Verse One: Tupac]
Now I been called crazy, to fade me it's not possible 
I give a fuck, what you thought, or who you brought with you?
A Bad Boy killer, Biggie annihilator
They wondering why he breathing, but bitches is dying later 
Better laugh now, then cry when I come to get you
While I hit you with two glocks, and leave you with scar tissue
On some loco shit, my pistol smoke your shit 
Let's go for dolo BIATCH, and watch me flow your shit
Mr. Makaveli moving pieces like telekenesis
It's like a chess game, let's play with real pieces 
Shots rang and niggaz brains were spilt
Another Bad Boy affiliated, nigga was kilt
I hit the funeral and busted his folks
and leave the scene like a shadow in a blaze of smoke
Don't stop, keep going

[Chorus: X5]
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, keep going

[Verse Two: Fatal Hussein]
Shit, still grinding for the chips
I come from the clear but you can find him in the bricks
Me, I was the diamond in the sticks
And him, he hating and still whining cause I'm grinding with his bitch
Out shining with the sixth
I'ma blind him with the fifth, he still selling nicks
What he trying to throw a disc?
I promise you'll be lying on your strip
Cause copying my style, I can whip any 9 you can get
No crimes on the strip, just dimes of the pit
No gimmicks to my music, you be lying when you spit
Out the line you get gripped, I'ma find you a ditch
Right next to your OG, do your time with a snitch
And I tell him all the time you a bitch
A real life pussy, hit the strip, go and find you a dick
Man this nigga out the line who is this?
I'm tempted to put his mind on his kicks
Let the nine do the trick, yeah

[Chorus] - repeat until fade