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Artist: Fat Trel f/ Rick Ross, Wale
Album:  Georgetown (Mixtape)
Song:   I'm Da Type
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Gang!... Bang!... Gang! Gang!
Double M... G... Let's get it!

I'm da type of nigga like to pull up with that hunnit round choppa
clip poking out the window
I'm da type of nigga that like to rob for the dough
Bag it up, count it up with my kinfolks
Then go and spend all on indo
Lean and a couple extendos
Choppa make a nigga do the limbo
Ever seen a killer in a benzo?
Left wrist, right wrist let's go
Foreign got a hunnit on the petro
Playing with the white like esco
Boy I used to fuck hoes on the metro
Hit a sweet lick for some retros
Mommy used to make me rock eco
I could tell another nigga let's go
50 round drum and I'm at ya'll

I'm da type of nigga that like to pull up at the light
30 clip 50 clip give you what ya like
Homocide murda team put in ya light
Wish a nigga would try to kill me tonight
Drunker then a mother fucka, higher than a kite
Finna pop a pill so you know I feel nice
When I'm in the field count hunnit dolla bills
I'm a need me a steal, I don't even feel right
I'm da type of nigga that like to ride with the hoes
Got the pie for the low,.45 at ya dome
You the type of nigga like to grind for the hoes
I be having pretty bitches crying at the shows
16 hunnit blow dough [?]
Strippers taking pictures in my new iPhone
[?] police can't leave me alone
I can never ever talk keys on the phone
Me and S-B smoke trees out the zone
Double M-G triple C's on the phone
White bitch cray take bricks to the dome
Hit the [?] Quick trip [?] I'm gone
Making up a flip I'm a need new whores
Outta town bitch 2 new 2 broads
Two new coupes I'm a need 2 [?]
New network need more new phones