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Artist: Fabolous f/ French Montana
Album:  The Young OG Project
Song:   Ball Drop
Typed by: Cedmaster3K 

{*audience applauding*}
"Well in just about 15 seconds from now, it'll be 1990
We're gathered down below as we say goodbye to 1989
The ball is moving, the crowd sees it, you can hear 'em - oh can you ever hear 'em
They know when it hits the bottom it'll be 1990; goodbye to the 80s."
 "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"
"Happy new year!"

[Intro: Fabolous] + (French Montana)
Whoa whoa whoa {*2X*}
Whoa whoa whoa (haan!)
Whoa whoa whoa (Change is good for everybody)
Whoa whoa whoa (Montana)
Whoa whoa whoa (Dre fitted it, haan!)
Whoa whoa whoa {*2X*}

[Interlude: French Montana]
When that hate don't work they start tellin' lies
Baby work, go on bust it wide
It's that new money, let the draws drop
I cut my bitch off when the ball drop 

[Chorus One: French Montana] + (Fabolous)
Haan! (Whoa whoa whoa) {*4X*}
I just don't know why

[Chorus Two: Fabolous] + (French Montana)
Hatin' hoes ain't happy
And happy hoes ain't hatin'
Better check the situation
I could fix your situation
(Whoa whoa whoa - haan!) {*2X*}
I cut them bitches off when the ball drop
New year, new money, then the call drop
(New year, new money, let them draws drop)
(Cut them niggas off when the ball drop)
(Cause them real niggas ain't hatin')
(And them hatin' niggas ain't real)
(And baby I could help your situation)
(No top, smokin' medication)

This the New Year resolution
We gotta be the winners cause the rest is losin'
I told 'em get money, that's the best solution
When you do, wear your +Rocket+ like you rest in Houston
When niggas stole my style, I ain't stress the boostin'
It's time to make more money, less excuses
My old bitch on death row, it's time for execution
My new bitch is +Bad Azz+, she the best since Boosie

[Chorus One]

[French Montana]
Twelve o'clock then the call drop
Cut them niggas off when the ball drop
Young boy, hard head in the soft top
Cause when them shots ain't ringin' you can't call shots (ba ba ba!)
Mix some white and brown on the corner strap
Might be the next Mike Brown where you rollin' at (ba ba ba!)
V with, hundred on the Lincoln
3 quarter mink blew the top off Lincoln, God (haan!)
Niggas scared to play it like jail or (jail or) Richard Mellor (Mellor)
I hope I never Tom Heller, God (God)
Scramble like a dope fiend (dope fiend)
Keep your head up like your nose bleedin' (ahh!)
My right hand got 30 on his left arm (bling!)
On that left lane nigga, what a bitch for? (haan!)
And I just don't know why (and I just don't know why)

Whoa whoa whoa {*4X*}

[Interlude] + [Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

Cuttin' off hoes when the ball drop
Ridin' with my woes 'til the casket drop
Quiet 'fore you suckas hear a pin drop
I buy this motherfucka like the price drop
Shawty bag it up, let that ass drop
Mommy killin' em, tat a tear drop
Bitch I'm on fire, need to stop drop
Nigga this the flow that got your artist dropped
Heard he was a rat, heard he dime dropped
Hit 'em in the head, watch the body drop
Dollars comin' down like rain drops
New year, new money, nigga ball drop

[Chorus One] - minus last line