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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  The Young OG Project
Song:   Bish Bounce
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Fabolous]
Let these niggas know your worth, ain't no discounts
They ain't got it, better get it, tell a bitch bounce
All dimes see a nine point that bitch out
She get ejected and corrected like a miscount
Bitch bounce, had to tell that bitch bounce
Vinylz on the track and that bitch bounce
Bitch bounce, had to tell that bitch bounce
Ass like that make that bitch bounce

Yeah, lemme tell you what I told her

You should make more moves and make less announcements (yeah)
Ain't with that talkin' bitch save that for counselin' (say it)
Looked in here brown skin just keep that shit bouncin'
All of these boys with me bring large amounts in (woo!)
All of these gold chains weigh 36 ounces (uh-huh)
All of this foreign shit can't even pronounce it (uh-huh)
Is it Gee-venchy or is it Givenchy? (I don't know)
T-seater seats and now it's a Givongy (woo!)
Top off that wrangler, you know me no stranger (huh)
Hang like a dangler, bitch look like Topanga (okay)
That boy meets world, I swear you are in danger (okay)
It's time to score I don’t choke I'm no strangler
I ball, I'm ballin' my nigga
Ball on these bitches, that's word to Sky Digga (yeah)
Gimme my shot and I'm squeezin' my trigga (woo!)
My homies +Bust+ too and that's word to Rah Digga (woo!)


[Interlude: Fabolous]
Bounce up and down, need no tremblin'
Made it slow down, no promethazine
Run me my money, no hesitance
You no my work, no need resume - bounce

Look, ain't go to say that I flex, check my biceps
In your bitch mouth like I’m gossip
That boy be so fresh to death, bury me in my closet
Don't make excuse, make deposit
Ain't e'en suppose to be here boy, I come from the projects
Shawty just fuck with my progress
I swear I came here with nothin', all this shit is profit
Should look at me like a prophet
And when these niggas throw subs it just confirm I'm gangsta
Scared to say my name now ain't 'cha?
No disrespect, we just on different sides of the wave
I’m providin' the wave, you just ridin' the wave - bounce


Ery'body know I got more pounds than a ounce... {*4X*}
Bounce... {*echoes*}

[Interlude] - slowed down