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Artist: Fabolous f/ Freck Billionaire
Album:  There Is No Competition
Song:   Mo Cars Mo Hoes
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Guess who? It's Loso

You know I rhyme a few bars so I could buy a few cars
Kick a few flows so I could get a few hoes (x3)

I get bored quick, I switch cars every 5 days
It looks like a traffic jam in my driveway
Got em bumper 2 bumper, they come with the lumber
(Wood grain) '07 and '06, I'm jumpin da numbers (Yes)
She thumbin her number (Yes), I hump her and dump her (Yes)
Make her gimme head face like she pumpin a jumper
They know I'm hood rich, Donald Trump of the pumpers
I run with the shooters, Forest Gump with the dumpers
Lambo Loso flyin spur spiz
Got ya bitch on the right, she mindin her biz
You ain't never seen a face fine as hers is
Ya lame ass probably home mindin her kids
Bad ass son say all kind of curses
Grown daughter wearin heels and designer purses
I probably wheel em past
20's pokin out tires Ya Robin William ass
Playin Mrs. Doubtfire, you get ya mouth wired like a money transfer
You call my phone again, I might just let ya honey answer
House full of hoes, They call me the bunny rancher
The young Dennis Hoff, holla at me when it's soft (Bitch)

[Freck Billionaire]
Ha Ha, Ya'll know who it is
The make it rain man, Mr. Dustin Hoffman himself
West Philly Freck, Street Fam, Sizzle records, C.B.L
Ya'll know what it is, I got that cranberry thing parked outside right now
With that oatmeal inside Like ya cereal bowl in the mornin nigga 
Let's do it, West Philly

Ya need a mule 4 the work nigga, I kno masses
This little bitch named Jackie, We call her oat n asses
And we don't use the bank nigga, We do it old fashioned
Right on top of the box spring
No matress King size, But right now it's full of cash 
Niggas call me the dentist, They know I pull it fast
I know you hatin niggas wanna let ya bullets blast
The SLR fully armored, With da bullet glass
I got my cleets on, You'll never catch me slippin black
Red white and blue tags, call em the Diplomats
It's a fact, You would think I had immunity
I came from a hood nigga not a community
Trump Tower, you ain't got the same room as me
I spray ya whole click, killin ya'll in unity 
Philly Freck got more bars more flows (Mo Cars Mo Hoes)
If it cost a quarter mill, then trust me ya boy got it
it cost a hundred thou, Trust me I boycott it
We make it rain in the club, them other dudes cheap
I pass dat paper out, sort of like it's looseleaf

[Freck talking]
Ya'll know what the fuck this is nigga Street Family nigga
C.B.L city of brotherly love nigga