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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  There Is No Competition
Song:   I Don't See Nobody
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ay you niggaz can't be fuckin serious man
I see what's goin on
Niggaz stand out like a bum on the street with his hand out man
I'm right here, it's 'Loso, Street Fam
  I don't see nobody {*3X*}
Nah, I don't see none of you niggaz man
  I think I'm goin blind
  I don't see nobody {*3X*}
Fuckin Stevie on y'all niggaz
  Stop and lean for mine
  I don't see nobody {*3X*}
My bitch is Helen Keller man she can't see y'all
  I think I'm goin blind
  I don't see nobody {*3X*}
The fuck outta here (we been lookin past y'all niggaz)
Let's go 'Loso
  When I'm on my grind

Ay y'all, since yay tall, I've been like Ray Charles
I don't see nobody, they all, lay sprawl
whever they may fall, but that's really they call
Watch the name you say y'all, I may call, back
Once you see that K y'all, they fall, back
I would rather spray y'all than pay y'all back
A nigga got impaired vision, there isn't
a person who can slow mine, I don't pay them no mind
I just can't see it, baby girl I'm so blind
Busy on my dope grind, I don't see no sign
of them gettin close to this, I'm lookin picture perfect
Hater you can posted this, I got a phone nigga
cataract, nope, I don't even chatter back
I just got the Caddy back, with the D's on that bitch
Maybe it's the dark shades, blame these Mark Jacobs
But if we sleepin on you niggaz, I ain't tryin to wake up

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I don't see nobody {*3X*}
I think I'm goin blind
I don't see nobody {*3X*}
When I'm on my grind

[Fabolous - over Chorus]
I can't see
No f'real I can't see, I don't see these niggaz like
Who gon' stop me? Street Fam nigga
You got glaucoma or somethin like
Y'knahmean? Yeah

I done lost sight of you niggaz
When the lazy eye's left I cross right on you niggaz
I need tintin, I'm squintin like the sun is in my eye
But my nigga's on the trigger and the gun is on his thigh
Wait for one of them to try, that's when one of them'll die
There's a lot of pussy niggaz but not one of them is I
I, make it possible for you to go bye bye
In the hospital, you can find 'em by I, C-U
no I don't see you
Nah she don't see him, no we don't see them
And you know mine roll like they wear a blindfold
She won't let son in, she keep the blinds closed
I remind hoes, we don't do the man starin
It's about us, the rest of y'all are transparent
Like my grandparents, I'ma need my glasses
I don't see nobody fly as my conceited asses


[Fabolous - over Chorus]
We don't see nobody man I swear to God like
I'm really Ray Charles in this
Like if you want to be seen let yourself be seen man
Fuckin saga pieces of shit man
Niggaz, see niggaz hate you on on the inside
like, love you on the outside

I don't see none of you niggaz man
Rollo what it is man I see you out there man
I see that Street Fam
Let's go
Like I told y'all niggaz man, we go everywhere
But when we there I don't see nobody man
That's it man ("You can't see us!")