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Artist: Fabolous f/ Red Cafe
Album:  There Is No Competition
Song:   Fuck 'Em All
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Fabolous] + (Red Cafe)
Go for some food baby
It's Loso man, representin Brooklyn to the motherfuckin death
(What'chu want what'chu say?) Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
(Overstand what the fuck is goin down) {I'm everywhere!}
Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all {It's the Family}
(I'll be seein y'all) Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
(It's not an act) Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
{We see everything!} Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
{A-M-G} Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all {Trendsettaz}
{Street Fam!} Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all {whatever, nigga}

[Red Cafe]
You so lame it should be your first name
And I'm so raw I'm Bolivian cocaine
I'm the next of kin to Loso or Kane
I'm disrespectful I'm drivin in both lanes
They pushin my buttons to fuck with my campaign
They know Jermaine is here to take over the game
Now I'ma hear my chain or the Crown Vic chain
The shakedown chain, I clean it in champagne
Then I take aim and I blocka, blocka
Them heavyweight shots from the choppa, choppa
You can Google Cafe, I'm a shotta, shotta
And me no play play when I wrap a, rapper
Since the bubble L-E-X-U-S
I've been swervin and servin the whole U.S.
The Remy and the bourbon be burnin my chest
S.F. we the best, middle finger to the rest

I said, fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all
Cause I shot so much I smell like the fuckin mall
It's so many guns ain't nowhere to tuck 'em all
And you might dodge one, let me see you duck 'em all
No way, no how, shit I know that
Almost as much as I know O.J.'ll blow trial
I be in the club, Rose, no smile
Few pretty chicks like "Okay can we go now?"
I must be the niggy
I run in your house, snatch your lil' russy and diggy
It's nothin no biggy, and if I hafto I do it myself
I'm feelin like a Puff with no Biggie
Now these joker niggaz OD'n pullin a huge head
So I'ma kill a cow, make sure that the beef's dead
Burger-ass niggaz, I look further past niggaz
And go over the head of Uncle Murda-ass niggaz
I said, fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all

[DJ Drama]
Shout to DJ Skribble!
My nigga Park King
Cody whattup? (Gangsta Grizzill)