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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  There Is No Competition
Song:   Fall Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{"It's Gangsta Grillz you bastards!"}
{"Gangsta Grizzill!!"} Watch this

Hey yo ain't nuttin changed but the leaves on the trees
And y'all comin short like the sleeves on the tees
The money long here like a weave to your knees
So I don't just stunt man, I leave with the breeze
And I don't just front man, I back it up
I'm so cool you might wanna zip your jacket up
I breeze through, bullshit, I sees through
with the snub nosed three-eight, bullets just squeeze through
Chah, and he's through, just like autumn
When niggaz slip and they fall, guess who caught 'em?
Fuck it~! Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em
Next year Gucci shoe, yeah I sport 'em (yeah I sport 'em!)
And I would tell you where I bought 'em
But they ain't from here and they might be {?}
So fall back like the seats in the back
Niggaz late, take your seats in the back, church

You heard what my boy said
Ain't nuttin changed but the leaves on the trees
That's right he on a money run
Loso you lappin these niggaz

And ain't nuttin up but the top on the Coupe
The pockets are fat man that's guap' with a scoop
Got Three Little Women like a pop singin group
I make my point, the ball drop through the hoop
They on my joint, that's how I roll up with the paper
Under the wing niggaz just fold up like the paper
You gon' make me put you in a headline
And your girl gon' help me come up with a hair line
The suck game while I'm drivin is a fool
She know it's head first like she divin in a pool
Right stroke, left stroke was the best stroke
Bitch blow whistle like she had a ref's throat
Foul! And that's so flagrant
Aim at your neck and I spray that fragrance
I'm wear the chrome like cologne
Smell me? Nothin you can tell me - gone!

Ain't nuthin you can tell this nigga Loso man
What you gon' tell this nigga man?
This nigga know what he doin man
Young niggaz just fall back out here man
All y'all niggaz - you, you, you
Tap him on his shoulder, you!
All y'all niggaz fall back
It's ours, Loso is here