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Artist: Fabolous f/ Bryson Tiller
Album:  Summertime Shootout 
Song:   Sorry Not Sorry *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* set to Bryson Tiller's "Sorry Not Sorry" instrumental 


I'm way too different to treat the same 
You still playin', I already beat the game 
I'm not with the break up, the make up shit
I'm on some wake up and cake up shit
So, no apologies, just a pile of G's 
Make stacks for my niggas, all my pals are G's
Tryna to kick it, I don't like your soccer 
Curve a chick like a lipo doctor, hah~!

[Bryson Tiller]
I used to think about how you would act when a nigga got money
Now you done switched up on me
Now you wanna say what's up to me
Okay so now you wanna make love to me 

[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
Girl if you don't get the fuck from me
I know you thought we had somethin' special
But you don't mean nothin' to me
Girl I'm sorry you not the one for me 

[Bryson Tiller]
Just be honest girl, what you want from me?
This ain't nothin' new, keep it so 100
I can't let none of these niggas get one up on me
I go by God Tiller, you better run from me 
Give hope to my niggas, them niggas love money
Adios to them bitches, can't get a hug from me
I'm high on life, that's what it does for me
My numbers goin' up, I feel a buzz comin' (one up) 

[Interlude: Bryson Tiller]
Young nigga, young nigga
Your friends bad too then tell 'em come with ya
And we like, bitches with they own shit
We don't like gold diggers 


[Bryson Tiller]
This the shit I don't condone and
Cheatin' on your man but you can get it if you want it 
Lookin' for a bad bitch, I finally found a culprit
Nigga takin' shots and I'm back, check the postage, yeah
Hatin' ass nigga, why won't you shut up?
This the motherfuckin' 502 come up 
And every time I'm back in the city
Every bitch with a hidden agenda run up (cause I'm on nigga) 

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

Ay, look
You could've been and you would've been
You get it now but you never understood it then 
News bulletin, yup, all our bullets tins
I'ma pull a Benz up, pocket full of bands 
What's up, with them get back texts?
Yes we wasn't workin' out, time to get back flexin'
Same phone, "Who's this?" Yeah I switched up on you 
What happened to old boy, oh he bitched up on you?
Now she want to ride stick, tryna witch up on you
When I do want to cut, I hit Rich up on you
He came through with Tiller, I'm posted with killer
Hit Relly like I'm with the young nigga young nigga
And now it's T R A P S O U L with the boy who rap S.O.U.L
Tapes in the winter like it's Thanksgiving dinner
Like it's Christmas spirit, got a gift with lyrics
You niggas stay far from me 'til your bitch get near it, huh

[Interlude] + [Chorus]