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Artist: Fabolous 
Album:  Summertime Shootout (Mixtape)
Song:   Motivation 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Fabolous]
It's like, what make you do what you do?
What's your motivation? {"Sonaro"}

[Chorus 2X: Fabolous]
Money keep a nigga motivated, we all need a lil motivation
Money keep a hoe motivated, we all need a lil motivation

Keep all the real niggas motivated, keep all them lil niggas motivated
Maybach 600, it drove her crazy, shawty gon' do it, she motivated
I've been neglectin' the Rover lately, I've been neglectin' the sober lately
If I do say like I'm Hova baby, this paper stay bended over baby
+Trickin' and treatin'+, October baby, she call me Mr. October baby
Yeah Reggie Jackson the motivator, Young OG Jackson the motivator
Hope that is worth, it ain't overrated, you talkin' dues then I overpaid it
Swear that I can't even call 'em haters, what they be doin' is overhatin'
Let 'em know, motivational speaker, just, motivates me through your speakers
Know, lookin' down on a nigga, know, 'less she check on my sneakers (woah)
You bet the check that she sneakin' (woah) I bet the check that she freaky (woah)
Now you askin' why I keep ya, takin' pics in Waikiki 


[Interlude: Fabolous]
This for the one who be grindin', this for the one who be shinin', keep on 'til you blind 'em
This for the team that's behind 'em, if they don't know then remind 'em, put trust in the timin'
This for the lady beside him, one he confide in, keep him on top, let you ride him
This for the OG that got him, this for the right hand who ridin', they out here not hidin'

I came from the dirt but I made it big, now I can push that Mercedes-Benz
Just had a son, I might baby blue it, bitch I'm so loco, might navy blue it
Shoutout the ones that were shady to me, that hate from ya'll probably made me do it
Knew they was doubt, never catered to it, love that dough like I'm a lady to it 
Comin' through with the family, they all related to me
Mommy say she love the boy, like she related to me
Feed her Rosť 'til she motivated, she from the Lou' so she motivated
Pay me to be here, pro-motivated, know we gon' ball, let's keep motivated (let's get it)

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

Crib is so out there, it feel like we hidin', so many cars I had trouble decidin'
on which one I'm ridin', but I never had trouble with knowin' who ridin' cause my niggas slidin'
We the base runners who beat out the throw they providin'
And tellin' that catcher that we had no problem collidin', just to get home safe 
Always believed that one day I'd be +B.I.G+, I had my own +Faith+
All of my niggas gon' keep ridin' with me, 'til they get they own Wraith
I'm they motivation, I'm your motivation
Since +Superwoman+, a Lil Mo-tivation, a lil motivation
Clap for a nigga, dap for a nigga, brrrat for a nigga
Coulda been a wrap for a nigga, coulda been a trap for a nigga
That's why I run laps for a nigga, find a way on a map for a nigga
Ain't no app for a nigga, like for real, you should be happy for a nigga

Motivation - like for real, you should be happy for a nigga
Motivation - that it even happened for a nigga
Motivation... whoa