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Artist: Fabolous 
Album:  Summertime Shootout 
Song:   For the Summer 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Yo, I just got the new thing for the summer
Now I need me a boo thing for the summer 
We can kick it like Liu Kang for the summer 
You can't tie me up though, shit I don't even tie shoe strings for the summer 
I just let 'em hang (yeah) like a new chain for the summer 
Speakin' of, I doubled the Cubans for the summer 
Black girlfriend like "Really, two chains for the summer?" (really?)
But I done blew change on a few things that was dumber (really?)
That's why it's +Cash Rules+ like it's Wu-Tang for the summer 
With that said, I might cop two things for the summer (oh)
They both gon' be blacker than Luol Deng for the summer (oh)
And then I'm nicknamin' 'em Hussein & Osama
That's a Saudi and an Afghan, new slang for the summer (whoa)
That's the Audi and the Aston's new names for the summer (whoa)
Cup in my hand, it's D'usse for the summer 
Every night a dark night/Dark Knight, I'm Bruce Wayne for the summer - Lord!

[Chorus: Fabolous]
Summertime shootouts, the wild west (uhh)
Brand new kicks and white T's, my style fresh (uhh)
Talkin' fly to every shorty walkin' by, she could get it (she could get it!)
For the summer but at least give me a weekend with it (yeah)
Summertime shootouts, the wild west
Give it up like a gun pressed to your sundress (uhh)
Runnin' game like the summer tournaments
Smoke somethin', sip somethin' with a player on the bench - Lord!

This all or nothin' for the summer
Just cop it, we ain't cuffin' for the summer
Playlist poppin', let it shuffle for the summer 
Me and this fly chick with a duffle for the summer (Lord)
Ass like a carry-on, marijuana marathon
On them nice Saturday's people be gettin' married on
But we just tryna catch the party, flip it like a spatula shawty
Got bands, matchin' Carty’s, strippers like the bachelor parties (ahh)
I'm a butt smacker when I'm off the nutcracker (ahh)
Barry Sanders on hoes, hell of a cut backer
Slut back up, too much act up
Ain't no cash behind you, I got too much backup
I mean paper keep comin', can't do nothin' but stack it
Swag too crazy, can't do nothin' but jack it 
My studio's a padded room, I'm flowin' like I had a shroom
Should've dropped this for the summer, like the son I had in June - Lord!


Lord, Lord, Lord...

Aiyyo, L.A. for the winter, New York City for the summer 
Gotta bring you with me, you too pretty for my number
No time for hopin' you call
I mean girl you so dope, I might go through withdrawal 
Fall in love for the summer then elope in the fall 
You ain't even gotta pack soon as they open the mall 
She can hit it, she could get it, she could get it, yeah
It's too early for the title but feel like we committed 
It's the Baecay, Nets games at the Baeclays 
Bustin' off in the bed, soundin' like eight K's
Brrrat, brrrat, brrrat
All up in it like "Where it at?"
Never had a real one in your life, took care of that
When you fuckin' with the gold chains on you hear that bling bling
Every time I hit it from the back, bling bling
Fuck around and go another round, ding ding 
Yeah that money got me on my Mayweather 
Gone for the winter at least until that May weather
It's too cold back home, I had to stay weather 
Never did this before, don't ever say never