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Artist: Fabolous f/ Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz
Album:  Summertime Shootout (Mixtape)
Song:   Doin It Well
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Fabolous] + (Trey Songz)
(Go 'head) See you can't just do it
(Go 'head) You gotta do it well
Hah, look

Body language is the kind of talk I'm fluent in (yeah)
Why don't you stop talkin' 'bout it and come do it then? (come on)
Written on your face, that "Yeah I'm tryna do it" grin 
Event plannin', we just need a spot to do it in (ah!)
Headin' to engagements, head behind the Range tints 
Fruits of my labor, edible arrangements (mm)
It get a little messy, sweater new, Jay's mint
She say when she done with me, I better go and change them (ah!)
Fuck the sweater, I don't know no fuckin' better (what you mean?)
Y'all don't get it, I don't know no fuckin' better (word)
Then this right here, shawty right there
Still givin' ol' boy nightmares 
And I heard your ex hate it, that's why my texts stated 
Last night was a movie and it was X-rated
Flick called "Wet", it only gets better 
Tonight we make the sequel, and call that shit Wetter (ah!)

[Chorus: Trey Songz] + (Fabolous)
Go 'head (go 'head)
Fuck me like you know somebody else ain't fuckin' me right 
Go 'head (go 'head)
Fuck me like you know somebody else ain't fuckin' me right (niiice)
Woo! I'ma kiss your body from your head down to your toes
Anytime you want it, you just let a nigga know (just let me know)
And we gon' do it {do it} do it {do it} do it {do it} do it {do it}
{We gon' do it real good}
And we gon' do it {do it} do it {do it} do it {do it} do it {do it}
(She represent Queens, I was raised out in Brooklyn) 

[Nicki Minaj]
Uhh, yeah
Body language is the only talk he fluent in
He knew it was goin' down when he flew me in 
Anything that I got on he wanna do me in 
Now all these non-discrete bitches wanna do me in 
Uhh, gold AP on me 
He know all his niggas wanna put the D on me 
Even Dr. Dre went and put the B on me 
But my pussy so exclusive, limited edition 
You know niggas love pretty bitches with ambition 
Bees on the keys, never go in the ignition 
B-b-but when I ride it, do it to precision
I could tell that he trippin', every time that it's slippin'
When he 'bout to come, I start to kiss his neck 
I let him score, but we ditch the ref' 
When we goin' out, we gotta ditch the press
Aww man, I got his bitch depressed 


[Nicki Minaj] + (Fabolous)
Mm; I'ma call you big daddy and scream your name
Only if you have me drippin' like candy paint 
(So what you sayin'? I give it to you right, give it to you left)
(+Make It Last Forever+, Keith Sweat, have you outta breath) 
Mmm, daddy slow down a bit 
You actin' like you never been downtown and shit 
I need a baller laid back while he watch this thing bounce 
Buyin' him designer bags, one milli in my account
(Yeah, no doubt)
(I'm the player that they're talkin' about)
(Got that good shit, even in a drought) If you gon' do it, do it for real
(And if they ask how I'm doin', tell 'em doin' it well)