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Artist: Fabolous f/ Paul Cain
Album:  The Soul Tape (Mixtape)
Song:   Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Fab]
Yeah, yeah
them niggaz just talkin baby, (dont listen to that shit)
dont mind them they just talkin baby
they know they cant fuck with me baby (that mean they cant fuck wit you)
you tell them like that bitch told scarface (what she say?)
I dont fuck with help

[Verse 1 - Fab]
They say they out for dead presidents never respect it
First of all ben franklin was never elected
that mean them and big bills have never connected
they just say it cause they think it sound clever on records
Secondly, gods first, should never be second
and if youre livin' wrong, money can never correct it
I'ma say it once, and its whoever directed
you'll never get off on me, I'm never the exit
All black everything in my black V
it aint a game and if it was itd be a black Wii
I'm on mah A game, never on that B shit, you on that B shit, never gone be shit
Thats how I see C shit cause I am D shit, true story like that hollywood E shit
I say F niggaz cause I'm on some G shit, yeah that red and green stripe double g shit
That was for mah homie, just know I'm thinkin of you
I told him "stay on top, so they can't get above you" (nice)
He told me "I dig that", like a fuckin shovel
Why it take a nigga to go to jail to say he love you?
We be killin em boy we be killin em
damn, we used to dream of half a million
Now the family get money like Will and 'em
accounts rise like we fillin' them with hellium
My baby girl got ass its not secret that is
make you look away, and still be peekin' at it
She say "they come with painted faces tryna clown on you
how they under you but tryna talk down on you?"
You see a rat is gon be that and go for any cheddar
Tell my bitch that I'm no good as if they any better
But her loyalty keep her from them otha boys
Let em holla she just gon' exist above the noise

[Verse 2 - Paul Cain]
Paul Gasol alike, a nigga with the swag
of Yao Ming balla type but more Rich Porter type
a small giant, nigga we not at all alike
the shit you just discoverin I been doin all my life
Y'all niggaz call it ballin', I just call it life
I'm still the same as day 1 I dont get caught in all the hype
So wussup Dash? I can't call ha Ike
I guess they don't see Paul all they see is all the ice
Yellow everything lemon and sour jewels
rich head to toe wavy ay the fly Howard Hughes
Enjoy the best of everything we paid our dues
so niggaz wanna jump ship and join our crews
But this aint no joy ride when my boys ride
somewhere somebody boy died and never will your boy hide
I'm on frontline no matter how drastic
but otherwise you can find me where the cash is in love with the rapids
no I dont mean white water raftin'
I'm talkin bout them 4 door Astons
Addicted to fashion, diamonds, flashin'
but the money music and fast cars is my passion
I'm no newbie, nor am I a has been
these whack rappers give me headaches this just the asprin
I often speak through my actions
but paint pictures with words that you can close your eyes and imagine