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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  The Soul Tape (Mixtape)
Song:   In the Morning
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Shawty you autumn time cool
But they don't see your beauty fuck all them blind fools
body so mean that its border line cruel
work 8 to 3, then from 4 to 9 school
Dominican girl who knows more than mangú
she say lets stay in the room and order Dom Cruz
it sounds like a plan
'cause girl once I got you by your limbs
that guy who spot you at the gym cant put it down like I can
I wanna take you places further than where your feet walk
why scream when your voice is better for sweet talk
a little accent, cute ass lisp
first a toast is said then a flute glass kiss
I like it when you whip yo hair, but that's Willow fault
I speak body language, fuck pillow talk
we can wake up 'round noon on a saturday
and make a fuckin movie, now that's a matinee
but on the weekdays I wanna be yo' wake up call
kiss yo' face before you put that make up all over it
you go from gettin' ready at the bathroom sink to gettin' bent over it
then its over with
now you rushin' to work, iPod touchin' yo purse
I'ma let you go but not without touchin' it first
when you think 'bout it later you blush and you smirk
your co-workers thinkin' you got a crush on the clerk
you always talk about yo boss, about how much of a jerk he is
but tell me baby does he touch you and flirt?
'cause that's how such and such get hurt
and lame ass niggas start bringin' crutches to work
I know you got it girl, I trust in your work
ladies is pimps too, go 'head brush off the dirt
I be here when you get off with dutches and purp
I want you after dinner, your such a dessert
the night is lookin' sweet the only thing I'm tryna bite is yo physique
and in most cases with you
only thing I wanna fight is gettin sleep 'cause I eat and go to sleep
you know I is in the sheets, niceeeee
don't touch it, let my eyes do the undressin'
play Usher and take ya back to confessions
I wanna crush ya' nevermind the tongue wrestlin'
wont rush ya, one question

Can I Hit it in the mornin'
Can I Hit it in the mornin'
Can I Hit it in the mornin'
sun risin' while you yawnin'
shawty, can I Hit it in the mornin'
shawty, can I Hit it in the mornin'
shawty, can I Hit it in the mornin'
shawty sun risin' while you yawnin’