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Artist: Fabolous f/ Young Jeezy
Album:  The S.O.U.L Tape 3
Song:   You Know
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro/Interlude: Young Jeezy]
Fuck that shit, real niggas get ready (ready)
And why the fuck he ain't in the feds already? (Hah)
And why that motherfucker ain't dead already? (Hah)
And why you ain't ran through his fuckin bread already? (Let's go!)

[Chorus: Young Jeezy] + (Fabolous)
(I'm the motherfuckin' man, nigga, all these hoes know it) Know it
I ain't with the game, nigga, all my folks know it - HA-HAAAA!
(Ain't a thing for my gang, nigga, all my bros know it) Yeeeah
Never fronted me a thing, nigga, I'mma pay for it, hah - AY!
And you knooow, you knooow, you knooow, you knooow
You motherfuckers better act like you know
Time to talk to talk that shit, they don't wanna see Snow - you know, yeeeah
And you knooow, you knooow, you knooow, you knooow
(You motherfuckers better act like you know)
(Yeah, these other niggas cool, but they ain't Loso) You know

[Young Jeezy]
You know you doing something right when they gossipin' every night (night)
Back and forth shit niggas caught up in all the hype
Niggas don't know shit about shit, let these motherfuckers 
know every chance I get; bitch, I'm self made (that's right)
See, I pried myself then I got paid (paid)
Then I copped me a Lex, then I got laid (WOO!)
Mars tried to catch me slipping, I almost got sprayed (sprayed)
They ain't playing around here, this ain't the arcade (HA-HAAAA!)
See, half of these niggas really bitch made
Talking like they open keys with a switchblade (daaamn!)
Put 'em on Netfix where them movies are (yeeeah) 
Fuck you know about bricks? You a movie star (OH!)


You niggas trying to get noticed (hah) I'm here to be remembered (remember)
Came through in June, they still talking in December (remember)
Ain't no weak links over here; we all solid, nigga
We the Cuban links over here, we don't blink over here 
We've seen it all and y'all ain't seen shit yet (y'all ain't seen shit)
Little niggas trying on my shoes, they don't fit yet (they don't fit)
When you get shit, guess that's how shit get (oh yeah?)
Trigger finger to your pussies, get your shit wet
Straight up, I ain't never been a slouch, nigga
And your wifey just hit me; ouch, nigga
Putting footprints all up in the couch, nigga
Shit these shoes cost more than the couch, nigga


{*instrumental break until 3:35*}

[Interlude] - 2X