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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  The Soul Tape 3
Song:   Sacrifices
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{Mark Henry}

Yeah, you know the crazy thing is...
They gon' talk about you when you ain't got shit
but then they gon' talk about you when you got shit
And see they gon' talk even when they don't know
what you had to do or what you go through

Seeing your family scramblin', that's sanity damagin'
Gotta, make a move can't just stand and be mannequin
Have a man who be managin', randomly standing in places he shouldn't
Tryin' to move that Pamela Anderson under-
stand and beat hammers and grandma keep panelin'
Cause them niggas from the other side are fans of me vanishin'
New day, new funeral, my grandma be panickin'
But I gotta eat, she just handin' me sandwiches
And an appetite like mine, got me scammin' and scandelin'
Ridin' shotty with my homie, but I plan to be phantom and
bumping something I can feel, fam, I need samplin'
Not no Bieber on the hook, I need Anthony Hamilton
I got molly, I got white, I be +Hannah Montana+ and
like a +Migo+ it's illegal, but it's grands in my hand again
So it probably ain't right, but this the land of the scandalous
'Til your own friend a snake you probably can't understand it then
When you go you're just gone, all we missing is payments
Dr. King fought for my freedom that I risked just to pay rent
Ain't no love for these streets, ain't no kissin' the pavement
Yeah, I'm sick and tired of shit, but they insist on being patient
But for what? To wait on that eviction note?
I wake up to some real shit, them dreams I have is fictional
Unless I go and get it, don't stop, get it, get it
2 Live Crew money and the Luke dancers with it

[Chorus: Fabolous]
Jesus died on that cross, that's a sacrifice
Niggas dyin' for their cross, that's a sacrifice
Rosa Parks took a charge, that's a sacrifice
If shorty took that charge for you, that's a sacrifice
Just do what you gotta do, baby
Just do what you gotta do, baby
Just do what you gotta do, baby
You gotta do what you gotta do, baby

Baby gotta do what a baby gotta do
Baby mama ain't got it, but her baby father do
Never pick up baby boy, but his Mercedes powder blue
Now mommy sick of daddy and baby got a flu
And what's crazy about it too, is all she sees is lies 
when she look him in his eyes; and her baby got them too
Pay a little child support, but what's so shady about him too
is in the club he pop Rozay, but won't bring baby bottles through
I know things fell 'part, I ain't saying we gotta blew
But if you walkin' around in Prada, buy your baby Prada too
Tellin' hoes ''yes'', we can't get a ''maybe'' outta you
Shit is fucked up, and I don't think the baby gotta poo
What's a lady gotta do? Bend over for dollar tips?
Cause ain't nobody givin' young, single mothers scholarships
Mama just got diagnosed, breast cancer
So when they ask what she's gonna do, her best answer
is ''I don't know, gotta do what I gotta do'
And I don't know about your bills, but the ones I got are due"
People always wanna try and tell you what you gotta do
But there's a difference in what those who don't and those who gotta do
It's called sacrifices, hate to see my man gone
Bail was like a pop fly just to bring my man home
Can't just leave him out there
Gotta believe in yourself even when there's doubt there, yeah