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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  The Soul Tape 3
Song:   Playa
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: sample of "Notorious B.I.G.'s "Playa"]
"Playa (hata'..) turn your head 'round (turn your head 'round)
Lay on the ground, you've been robbed..."

[Fabolous - over Intro]
See everybody ain't ballin', most is fallin'
Even more is crawlin'
When they look up all they see is the position that you all in
So don't be so up that it blind you, or so far ahead you don't see people are behind you, playa
Playa, playa {*4X*}

Uhh, playa, playa
First you tell the jeweler to Audemar Piguet ya
Then you tellin' waitresses to Rose her
Bumpin VIP and you meet your first Draya
In the strip club, ones in the air-ya
Nothin' but attention that they wanna pay ya
Dancers tryna welcome to L.A. ya
Shake it like a polaroid picture, +Hey Ya+
Let 'em know you ballin', you that nigga playa
And you run the city you the new mayor
Tonight is full of hoes and the flyest playas
Can't forget the jackers and the playa haters
And shady hoes can't wait to be-tray ya
It's hard to tell which one is here to slay ya
Nigga be that pretty redbone lay up
Texting to the niggas that are tryna lay her
The lights is coming on and you drunk as sailor
Shawty like where the after party playa?
You grab her by the hand and tell her I'ma take ya
Shawty rollin' with it she is not a faker
Now you with your wheel like a roller skater
Pullin' out the lot you tell your homies "Later!"
Stopping at the light corner of La Brea
Niggas ride up on ya like a escalator
Wearin' all-black Oakland Raider
Screamin' run your shit 'fore they AK ya
Begging for your life hopin' they don't spray ya
Shoulda left that balla shit for the Lakers, yeah

[sample to fade]
Playa (playa).. it's a new day (it's a new day)
No time to play, you've been robbed