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Artist: Fabolous f/ Stacy Barthe
Album:  The Soul Tape 3
Song:   Everything Was the Same *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* freestyle over the instrumental of Drake's "Paris Morton Music 2"

Yeah... everything, everything was the same

I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fuck
Rather hold my head high and die, then live and duck
I gotta' +Set It Off+ -- Jada, Queen and Vivica
The last chick was scared to get that money, I can't live like her
Got no problem with you niggas, get it how you live it, bruh
It's a cold world, these mean streets will shiver ya
All I asks is for the same respect that I be givin' ya
If not my boy will put the +Beats+ on you -- Karen Civil ya
That boy be on his shoot first, never mind the trivia
My advice, +Don't Mess With His Man+, word to Nivea
We go back to when we got that white from Bolivia
We was +Candy Shoppin'+ before 50 and Olivia
That's when you would go uptown, cause you had to re' there
Everybody broke back then, you had to repair
Drug dealing was cool back then, you had to beware
That was the 90's, ya'll wouldn't get it, you had to be there
That's why I'm glad to be here, some of us never made it
It's hard to get off the ground, ya'll think I just levitated?
Ya'll think it was all love and nobody ever hated?
Y'all think cause I never state it I never been devastated?
All ya'll see is sunshinin', think I was never shaded
Ya' think these calendar models is all that I ever dated
Nigga, +Nothing Was The Same+, HOT 97 played it
Everyday they made it that I stayed with 57 plated
Can't trust nobody, the crib is heavy gated
You ask why? I tell them even heaven's gated
You know why? Cause when you good, the Devil hate it
And even if you heavy weighted people want you feather weighted
Attention I never payed it, me and this clever lady
She brains, do some thangs, then we lay together faded
And while I chill, loaded up a steel
Just wishin' a nigga would but knowin' a nigga will (will)
But for real nigga good is how you feel
But soon as a nigga good is as soon as a nigga will (will)
Still, I don't owe these niggas nothing (nothing)
Put that in a nigga will (will)

[Outro: Stacy Barthe]
Damned if you do them, if you don't, don't, don't don't
But they donít have a heaven or hell to put you through, nooo
You're damned if you do, damned if you don't
People sit around and judge you anyway
Don't don't, don't, don't...
Ohh ooh ahh ooh-aah...