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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  The S.O.U.L Tape 3
Song:   Cuffin' Season
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: sample of Bobby Vinton's "Sealed With A Kiss"]
"Though we gotta say goodbye, for the summer..  baby, I promise you this
I'll send you all my love, everyday, in a letter.. sealed with a kiss" {"Sonaro"}

[Chorus] + (Fabolous)
These hoes keep callin', I ain't pickin' up (yeah)
These hoes keep callin', I ain't pickin' up (yeah)
Told these hoes I'll be back around June (around June)
Told these hoes I'll be back around June (WHAT?!)
Better yet I'll change my numbers for the whole winter (who?)
Damn, it's so cold in the fuckin' winter (whooo)
These hoes keep callin', I ain't pickin' up (what)
Damn, I'm so cold in the fuckin' winter (yeah)

You was in La Marina all summer (every Sunday)
You was up in toxic all summer (turn up)
Now it's getting chilly, that's the fall comin' (whooo)
Now a nigga get a call from her
What's up? How you been? How was summer? Hotter then
I'm like some bitch stringing me along like a violin (dumb bitch)
... She was too busy hostin'
... on Instagram postin'
Hashtag #nofilter A.K.A #hofilter
With the innocent face, but she so guilty (she did it)
Now I'm a take her in like a ho shelter (whaaat)
When there's a few niggas that I know killed her (whaaat)
4 Celtics, Knicks guard, you know Felton
This nigga in Atlanta Airtran her, no Delta (haha)
Been naughty all year trying to end it nicely (niiice)
Summer hoes turnin' into winter wifeys


... You was in Club Liv every Sunday
... You was in KOD every Monday
... Just like Lil Wayne said
{“Liv on Sundays, King of Diamonds Monday”}
Oh, you been workin' out? (Word?) You think I'm dumb or what?
I know how a winter gut turn into a summer butt
She bartend, he paid for the shots (for the shots)
But why the limearita for the thots? (for the thots?)
... Hard dick and bazooka
... Maybe a little hookah
She thinking Philippe, I'm think Chipotle (yeah)
I heard bitches commit sins for chipotle
Every rapper in a cypher, every player in a huddle (whoa)
You really wanna fuck, but you say you want to cuddle (whoa)
You posting like you balling, but you really in a struggle (yeah)
Your captions be deep, but you shallow as a puddle
Turn down for what?