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Artist: Fabolous f/ Ras Kass	
Album:  Not Give a Fuck (Remix) 12"
Song:   Not Give a Fuck (Remix)
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Rick Rock, I took my masters baby
I'm here to shake up the world, yeah uh
This is the digiwax remix
Ras Kass, Ghetto Fab, Fresh

[Ras Kass]
This is the Man Show
Can't kick it if you don't get bitches
Get riches, hit dro, drink a dee coup
Had a bad bitch from the dirty south
With a good tooth like Lou
If the answer's no, you a man ho
Probably no more
All captain say hand cuff and stop
Let them go, rass kass will play it though
Fuck laying low like J. Lo
Can't pack a six-fo
True dyke like what they hit for
Play the bar nigga, we dont disco
Grown ass man don't harlem shake
Good sense, let me show you what the dollar make
Take the cake from all you fakes
I can't pump my breaks, the Spreewell's keep spinin'
We up to the rock, next stop, Russell simons
who spit the venom in them Donna Karen denims
Ras kass you can't get caught with fabolous government
Put my face on the passport
Cuz real niggas do real things
so fuck the world to my bling
Cuz ya'll mean
I mean

I'm fly enough, to do better,
But pimp enough to not give a fuck,
And I'm thug enough, to do better,
And gangsta enough to not give a fuck,
I'm hustlin' enough, to know better,
But ballin' enough to not give a fuck,
And I'm, old enough, to know better,
But young enough to not give a fuck

D-d-d-d-dammit man
I'm in a throwback so old
It'll make your grandma glance
And everybody know, everybody go
So please, call the stretch ambulance
These dudes don't stand a chance
When I pull up like the pamper brand
Those in the Lambo slants
With a madame from France
With a ass so big
You couldn't hide it in hammer pants
Who else be in New York
With Miami tans
Got everybody doin' the street family dance
I'm sure this hammer can
Make you save that gangsta role for the camera man
F-A-B, you preferably
Don't wanna F wit me
Please believe it
I'm definately, as responsible
For gettin' the City High as 'Clef would be
Believe it please

Snap cap Lou, you know it's me
Leroy, wrist on glow for all to see
Fresh trep for all the see
You can tell by my strut, I'm a new yorker baby
What that mean, never leave or maybe
I'm dropping off Felciia, I'm gettin' toss to keyes
Drink up the coffee, break fast after breakfast
Hoppin' in the goleta, make back is gettin' respected
Niggas must be gay, I aint thinkin' straight
I'm in the quarter before eight
Mama I can't relate, like when we goin' shoppin'
When she starts speakin French
Leave them alone like Stockton
Fresh, Ras, and Fab, please with the gift to gab
Put your potato, we ready to mash
Don't get involved, I put your top in front of the E
So you really be ahead of your class