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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  It's Me Snitches 12"
Song:   It's Me Snitches
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Lets do this right
thats right album in stores right now
Its Los Snitches
(Street Fam)
Lets Go

I Sed Chillin On The Bentley
Sittin On The Veinte
Doses Moses
Tryin To Get With Los's
Like Shaq I Post;S
Either Of The Coasts
All The Pretty Girls Just Get The Closes
Its Like A Game Red Light Green Light,
Got My Gucci On Red Light Green Light
New Air Forces Red White Green Nikes
Mexico Flag Red White Green Stripes
Yeah U Thought Headlights Beam Bright
My Dear... Check A look At My Ear
My Pair Will Make You Need Eye Wear
My Glare Is Similar To Time Square, Times Squared
Franks Bob Mueller More Ice In It Than A Beverage Cooler
All You Preschoolers Get Popped With The Ruler
I Run Circles Around Yall, I'm Like A Hoola
In Miami Pretty Little Chula Down There I'm A Don Like Shula
Up Here I'm A Don Like Teflon
My Neck Look Like The Lights Got Left On
Adios Mio Look At The Left Arm
Its F On... A On... B On Your Baby Mommas...