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Artist: Fabolous f/ Young Jeezy
Album:  Real Talk
Song:   Do the Damn Thang
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I Can See Da Niggaz Stuntin to dis right now 
Not Now
But Right Now Yea yea chea
Look Look Look
Its no love for the other side fuck those tricks
pop a glove on the side and buck them pricks
birds love how brother truck lean sick
I been one of them boys since way back when
this was way before a nigga brought weight packs in
so if I spray mac 10's 
bet you niggaz lay back like you in the Maybach Benz
yea I make crack grands
but ain't a damn thing funny
I keep a pocket full to do the damn thing money
I keep it comin wit bottles of champagne honey
so keep it bouncin till you pull a hamstring honey
this pimps betta have a doctor for me 
I got them tricks standin like dey gotta problem wit me 
I got them boys slangin rocks in the lobby for me
I'm rich bitch, ballin just a hobby for me
Gotta Pocket full of money 

fuck what you heard
we dont love them hoes

My phone is tapped and so is my livin room
we cant hide the money here
we need a bigger room
let me show you what I stand fo
Jeezy Schwarzeneggar call me Commando 
On tha Remy Martin
Nigga Matter fact I ain't fat joe but I can make 'em lean back
save your ammo dont waste it
got 'em dodging bullets like he in the matrix
he ain't strap den better dip
got a 16 got 6 clips
pillsbury nigga GOTTA LOT DOUGH
they place orders so I vacate
I'ma body builder pump alot of weight
you see the diamonds in my damn chain
in ain't hard to tell I do the damn thing

You hattin instead of particpating wit them boyz
you skatin on them 22 daytons like them boyz
I'm hatin tha they communcating wit them boyz