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Artist: Fabolous f/ Red Cafe
Album:  There Is No Competition III: Death Comes in 3's
Song:   Unfuckwitable
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

What up
(say what nigga)
Lets go

All the bitches say unfuckwitable
And real niggaz say unfuckwitable
24/7 365 how the game dead, when I'm still alive [x2]

[Red Cafe]
Hold up
I'm hotter than a fugitive
Americas most wanted that's swag lucadive[?]
Unfuckwitable, slanging that mineral
Talking that G talk, living like a general
10 bottles in the club, sound like the minimum
My niggaz some killers for real, I'm talking federal [?]
If its fuck you, then fuck you
Never no subliminal
Stacking ones everyday, active criminal
Me and 20 million cash look identical
If you broke and you in the streets, you something pitiful
Hoes say they love a nigga
After they fuck a nigga
But I ain't looking for love
Thats for them sucker niggaz
Let him be your man I'll gladly be the other nigga
Cuddle with dog all winter, I'm your summer nigga
Hustle from sun up, hustle til its sun down
Bullshit aside I'm realest killer in town
Host of niggaz in the streets, they know how I get down
Got'a bad bitch riding shotty when the top let down (now look)
As a young boy I use to have hoop dreams
Now I'm like shine [?] I still got hoop dreams


I ain't feeling niggaz, I ain't that sentimental
I got no words for 'em, lets just keep it instrumental
I put it down where I stay, words to incidental [?]
And guess who opened the doors you niggaz entered in through
Y'all will never measure up using my ruler
You're more soft than a second year high schooler
My nigga HOV told me finish my breakfast
And now I'm looking at you niggaz like breakfast
French toast, turkey bacon
Shit's in bad shape, too many squares circulating
Money talks and y'all voices are unheard
When they ask about us, one word
"unfuckwitable," we be in the town too
That's why them boys call us the "not fucking around crew"
Brooklyn keep on taking it, known to get our Debo on
When you touch down, bow down get your Tebow on
You won't say it in the streets, don't say it in your Tweets
You won't say it when we meet, don't say it on them beats
Real nigga shit, RNS
Last night was a movie, starring us