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Artist: Fabolous f/ Red Cafe
Album:  There Is No Competition 2
Song:   Tonight
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Jello Beats! Holla at me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I don't know if I love ya
Or I just wan' fuck ya
Either way you goin down
Tonight, tonight

[Red Face]
Yeah daddy want a girl to go down
Damn I think I love her, ass so round
Skin so soft and her hurr so long
First I go deep, then I go long
Call me Makaveli I be thuggin on them hoes
Red bottom heels she got blood on her toes
I was like, "Damn where you from? What's your name?"
You the one I'm reppin, got it swingin on the chain
Seven-one-ocho, we don't do po-po
Come to my town, you can fuck with me and 'Loso
It'll go down (down, down)
I'ma pop a cherry way before we hit the telly
I was like


Look, I don't know how I fell in love so fi-dast
Bet I'm gon' kill it from the back - dat ass~!
Yeah I'm Funeral, I am on a killin spree
Bitches can't get in touch, they still feelin me
Always on the iChat, I stay on the phone
They be at my neck like when I spray on cologne
Never said I love ya, okay now come on
Don't listen to anything, I stay on patron
Where's that on your own student loan college chick?
You can give me brain when I'm free - scholarship
If you had me open on the head - hollow tip
I'ma spend a couple bucks, God damn love sucks


[uncredited female]
I'ma go down down down
If you bossed up, I don't fuck with no clowns
Hol-holla at a bitch if you wanna break bread
My-my thing bomb, juice box stay wet, I said
I'ma go down down down
I'ma I'ma I'ma go down, down
I'ma go down down down
My-my thing bomb, juice box stay wet, I said


What else?