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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  There Is No Competition 2
Song:   Lights Out
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Fabolous]
(Lights out niggaz!) It's clap on, clap off in this bitch
Don't let make turn off your own switch
(Lights out niggaz!) You couldn't see in the daytime with a flashlight
I got my cash right so (lights out niggaz!)
I don't see nobody {*repeat 8X*} (Lights out niggaz!)

I walk up in the spot and see tonight we have a packed house
We all in the building and it's rockin like a crack house
All the sexy women wearin dresses with their backs out
My neck is usually lit up but tonight we have a black out
Call me Tom Edison cause I'm about to light up
My head is in the clouds, feel like it just took a flight up
They tryin to slow me down like that syrup in them white cups
Clear that I'ma bubble like you shook a fuckin Sprite up
I don't see nobody; I ain't goin blind though
I don't see nobody, stoppin me from mine yo
We the money game, we throw up dollar signs hoe
My gun from out of town it make you change your state of mine hoe


Bottles of Rose' keeps findin its way to my section
And groups of pretty bitches with them light skin good complexion
Told her I'ma kill it and I use Magnum protection
I just slide up in it baby that's lethal injection
I'm about that money, pussy's what a fool chase
Hoes'll have you tied up, bitch I ain't no shoe lace
Smirkin in my black shades, my BBM cool face
But I will fix you niggaz, you'll make me get my tool case
I don't see nobody, but it ain't my vision
I see I'm what it is, and you are what it isn't
Lights out niggaz, assume the position
With my eyes close I see there is no competition