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Artist: (Fabolous f/) DJ Drama
Album:  There Is No Competition 2
Song:   The Eulogy (Intro)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Drama]
Ladies and gentlemen, it is quite unfortunate
That we have to gather here
for this, unjoyous occasion
I stand here before you, DJ Drama
and ask you for a moment of silence...
A lot of fallen rappers
A lot of fake emcees
Some, even your favorites
can no longer be with us
It is a trying time, it is a tough time
But because clearly there was no way
ANY of them, could stay alive
while 'Loso a/k/a Funeral Fab was here
We now, must lay them all, to rest
So sad... {*sobs*} so sad
We may now start, the funeral service