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Artist: Fabolous f/ Cam'Ron, Vado
Album:  There Is No Competition 2
Song:   Body Bag (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
Yo Fab, what up nigga?
Funeral Service, Killa Season, Slime Flu, lot of shit goin on
Let's get ready to go in though
C'mon y'all, I said

[Verse One: Cam'Ron]
Ice in a ceramic van, damn it Cam, Cam is stuntin
Weed in a picnic basket, bastard hit the panic button
Over a piece of paper, street sweepers, meat cleavers
Deep freezer, meet your maker, place your order, we the waiters
Coke, keep the caters, keep the gators, keep the flavors
Main course, meat potatoes, keep your favors, see you later
The crew, dominate, black and grey, we the Raiders
Diamonds in my ear, please baby these are lasers
Haters, front on me, huh I doubt it punk
Pop your trunk, my goons, high noon, out to lunch
The D&G bag, that's where the weed stash
Keep cash, breeze past, fuck y'all, eat glass
My tank on full - ease gas
Stay on point with the white (like who?) Steve Nash
Gun go in the waist, dumb dough I get cake
Me and Funeral Fab, front row at your wake

[Chorus 2X: Vado]
Hit 'em up, shotty blast, zipped up, body bag
Fifth tucked, then what? Bullets hit your body fast
We beatin murders with the same lawyer Gotti had
Tie him to a pick-up truck and watch his body drag

[Verse Two: Fabolous]
Funeral, Killa, this just got very scary
All the competitions in the cemetery buried
Jesus piece, rosary, black white, canary jewelry
Pardon me, it's the God in me, Mary Mary
But all them long stares ain't necessary, hear me?
+Cannon+ with me, not the one Mariah Carey carry
I'm talkin sawed offs and four feezies
Fuck knockin on the door to blow the doors off, it's more easy
I'm at the top floor of the Waldorf for four seas-ies
Nick game, never caught off the floor seas-ies
Tonight they lost four Lakers, ask Walt Frazier
We had a little bet, wouldn't say a vault breaker
But watch your mouth, I'm not the best insult taker
I make them call the yellow tapers and the chalk tracers
They got names for niggaz like y'all, its called fakers
They should put anthrax in your salt shakers


[Verse Three: Vado]
In due time let your semi spray, they kidnapped my slime
on a rainy day, got 'em back with two 9's and twenty K (yes!)
Timberland boxes of plenty yay, more squares than Demia
Our records carry halves like a Fendi case (huh~!)
Four or five meetings make a long day
Rap LeBron James, 23 a whole ball game
That's what we call 'caine, black rocks, all dames
No slaves, suit and jewels, pin stripe, ball chain (HAH!)
Skinny nigga on his La-Di shit
Benz doors go up like the arms on the Karate Kid (uh-huh)
A cocky kid, no rappers but my pockets big
"Can I Live" bumpin pumpin out my momma's crib
Burners, mayhem murders
Gangland, double black suit, white tie off, Space Jams
I'm causin funeral arrangements, wake plans
I'm paid in full, y'all ain't rich like Ace man