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Artist: Fabolous f/ Marsha Ambrosius
Album:  Loso's Way
Song:   Stay
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(*"oh" and "no" repeated behind Chorus*)

[Chorus - Marsha Ambrosius]
I've got some things to say, oh (please don't go)
So don't you turn away, oh (please don't go)
I need you here to stay, I (miss you so)

[Verse 1 - Fabolous]
My daddy left me and he ain't even die
So when he did go, I ain't even cry
I had reason but that ain't even why
How could he have failed, if he ain't even try?
I ask no questions, I ain't even pry
Truthfully I wanted to, I can't even lie
Like a canceled flight, that ain't even fly
To just walk away, like you ain't even my
Like, like, like, I ain't even your
I can't even say it, I ain't even sure
He should of gave me everything and left me even more
But he left me without saying what he was leavin for
And that's when I became a man (became a man)
And that's the day he stopped bein one (bein one)
This year I became a father (father)
And I'm a die bein one, what's up son?


[Verse 2 - Fabolous]
I have nightmares of me not bein around
He took his first steps and daddy couldn't be in town (shit)
Daddy's entertaining everybody (yeah)
But missed out when it came to trainin for the potty
I give a fuck about hip-hop's new beef
I was more excited when my son grew teeth
So I seem the problem of the famous stardom
Just like Em and Hailie, just like Game and Harlem
Weezy's at the Awards with Ms. Carter
Nah not his date, I'm talkin about his daughter (his daughter)
Now that's +Stuntin' Like Your Daddy+
'Cause it's crazy when you wanna be nothin like your daddy
And if you've never been a man (been a man)
That's the day you start bein one (start bein one)
This year I became a father (father)
And I'm a die bein one, what's up son?


[Break - Marsha Ambrosius - singing]
So hear the truth remain to, let me go
I won't hold that against ya, I moved on
Just look what I've become since you've been gone
Now don't you turn away, oh, please don't go
Here's what I got to say, oh, please don't go
Oh why'd you go away, oh, please don't go
I needed you here to stay, oh, please don't go
I can't believe this pain, no, please don't go


[Outro - Marsha Ambrosius - singing]
Why did you leave me?
Tell me why you don't care
Daddy, tell me why did you leave me?
Why you don't care
Tell me why did you leave me?
Daddy, tell me why you weren't there
Why did you leave me?