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Artist: Fabolous f/ Ryan Leslie
Album:  Loso's Way
Song:   The Fabolous Life
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[Intro - Fabolous - talking]
I introduce you to the life (the life ...)
You meet the life (the life), the life meets you
Everything is nice (nice ...)

[Verse 1 - Fabolous]
Let me welcome you to my world
Everything's "In Living Color" plus the fly girls
On the way in gotta watch 'em with a keen eye
Niggaz ain't seen fly 'til they seen I
Maybach 'cause I'm not a limousine guy
Suit with the bow tie, no bean pies
The Lapels match well with these Ferragamies
Killer shoe game, these are just a pair of Hummie's
Mami, I get up like QB's
Nah, she ain't stepped in blood, those are Lou B's
We don't follow, unless you lead us into VIP
When they know your face, they don't need to see ID
I can see the bottles comin from a mile away
Sparklers on the top, act like they don't want to stop (stop, stop)
She fuck with niggaz like Fabolous
'Cause to tell the truth baby, life's fabulous

[Chorus - Ryan Leslie] (Fabolous)
It's the fabulous life (uh huh), oh I be livin that (uh huh)
Oh I be livin that (uh huh), oh I be livin that (hey!)
Get your money right (huh?), you could be livin that (huh?)
You could be livin that (huh?), you could be livin that (hey!)
It's the fabulous life (yes), oh I be livin that (yes)
Oh I be livin that (yes), oh I be livin that
(How ya livin?) [What?] (How ya livin?) [What?]
(How ya livin?), oh I be livin fabulous

[Verse 2 - Fabolous]
I bow my head and I praise that
We be there and back before the Rosey's flat
Picture me anywhere a clown stays at
I don't think so, homey don't play that
Everything is "boss", like a Rick ad, lib
+Take It To Da House+ like it's Trick Dad', crib
We hit Miami like a Hurricane
Shorty poolside, one piece Vera Wang
She the baddest bitch in them Jackie O shades
Floppy beach hat, she don't give me no shade
Hold the +Heat+ down, she don't even know Wade
Nigga get smoked like cigarette totes
I like a soft kiss and I dig a wet throat
I love when booty bounce like cigarette boats
And it won't quit (won't quit)
She can't wear skinny jeans 'cause her ass don't fit (don't fit)
Real shit


[Verse 3 - Fabolous]
Got a rich bitch on the way
That for real though, just like Wanda say
She just wanna rock my world in a Wanda way
I'm sitting at the airport like andele
First I saw the luggie with the Louis monogram
Then I saw my baby like a sonogram
On the runway, just me and Bentley
I open doors, you ain't gotta "G To Gent" me
I was thinkin Knick game, courtside
She put her hand in my pants, I let that thought slide
We can get it on but there's no leg room
No water bed, just a boat with a bedroom (hey!)
Now you tell me what can top this? (hey!)
Layin on a deck topless (hey!)
Got two different tans, it's a fabulous thing
One white, one yellow, like Fabolous chain