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Artist: Fabolous
Album:  From Nothin' to Somethin'
Song:   First Time
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[Hook: Rihanna ]
The first time you, kissed my lips
The first time your, finger tips (Yeah)
Touchin' me, couldn't resist
The first, the first, the first (Whoo)

[Chorus: Rihanna]
The first time you, kissed my lips
The first time your, finger tips
Touchin' me, couldn't resist
I knew I was, meant for this
The first time you, held me close
The first time I, couldn't say no
So lost inside of you
I knew I was, meant for you

[Fabolous] (Speaking over the course)
I think everybody remember they first time
I do, irresistable, it's unstoppable
Guess who, first time Fab
Sound like you hear me for the first time again baby ha-ha

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Now my first time checkin you, only took a second to
Start inspectin you, without disrespectin' you
Wasn't expectin' you to say it was affectin' you
What you wearin' got me starin' like you butt naked boo
It may seem like I don't even reckon you
But I day dream, about kissin' on the neck of you
Style is impeccable, smile is incredible
Ain't nothin' like ya, and baby I done met a few
The way I feel it's almost like crush (crush)
My heart beats faster it's almost like a rush (rush)
And that's just when you enter in a room
I could tell when you around by the scent of ya perfume
I see why they put the R&B songs together
I feel like Mariah "We Belong Together"
It's my pleasure, I treasure, that I met ya
Bet ya I could get ya on the first time


[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Now I remember datin', the first time was intimidatin'
No rush though I spent the whole November waitin'
Come on, look at the patience that I'm demonstratin'
After a Week or two I usually start eliminatin'
But we got through the convo on the phone
Now we finally chillin' in the condo all alone
I tried to be expressive, with out being aggressive
Just being suggestive, a little more impressive
And I'm a good player I listen to the coach
He showed me the play book and said this is the approach
If you ever wanna score, cause some players rush they shots
And that's why they never on the floor
And that's why we both feel comfortable
Like long time friends, only been a month or two
I got moves, and I know When to make'em but
I only give'em if I know you can take'em (Uh oh)


[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Now before the first time we layed down in the bed
You ain't know the kinda thing that playd around in my head
I ain't play around when I said you gon remember this
Might even turn ya self on when you reminisce
Our first time we were like virgins with experience
A lil' shy but I urged you to experiment
Things got weter (Oh) I mean better (Oh) Im gettin' numb
Im about to ccccum come on now not yet boo slow down
We just stepped in the ring need a few more rounds
That's the first time it felt like that
Now you know why Fabolous is spelt like that (Yeah)

[Chorus] x2