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Artist: Fabolous f/ Young Jeezy
Album:  From Nothin' to Somethin'
Song:   Diamonds
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Diamonds on my damn chain! It ain't hard to tell!

Diamonds in my damn chain!
Diamonds in my damn chain!
I'm like ooh daddy, I see you with that damn thang'
Got my vote, I'm feelin' ya campaign
I like you but, I really like your damn chain!
Diamonds in my damn chain!
Diamonds in my damn chain!
It kinda explains the way she be actin'
She liked my necklace so she started relaxin'
Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction!

[Verse 1 - Fabolous]
Yo, you think they like me now, wait until the light hit me
I bet the house somebody girl spend the night with me
They gota love it, if not, then I guess they haters
This kinda necklace will turn on the investigators
They ain't got one problem with this
Square facewatch look like Sponge Bob on the wrist
One white, one gold, one nice, untold
You can look but don't touch, Guns might unload, now
I respect them thugs who get they jackin' on
But we squeeze set every slug that we be packin's long
Ya boy got the drug money we be stackin on
Lotta carrots, not the one's Bugs Bunny snackin' on
Got em getting close and, lookin' like I scooped up-
-the Titanic chain, from the bottom of the ocean
I play them diamonds well when I got dat jewelery on
They should call me Karat Jeter, maybe Canary Bonds


[Verse 2 - Young Jeezy]
Damn, what happened? he blindin' everybody
Hey it must be Jeezy out shinin' everybody (yup)
Get ready for the show, you can call me the light man
(diamonds on my damn chain)
you can call me the bright man
see I dont do brightless, I do AP's
yea I spend G's on all these VV's
blowin' on chief, yea I got it from Harlem
12 carrot pinky ring, shit I got it from Robbin
step it up a notch, iced out ski mask
place in the projects to hide my weed stash
dominican chick, shit I got her from Fab
yellow stones in my chain so I call it the cab


[Verse 3 - Fabolous]
Yo, maybe it's them VV's, cuz' they sets Susters'
Sit on the next bus like that show on MTV
The waves on the chain, make a nigga fly like the wings on a plane
When you sittin in between 'em
They hidden when you clean em', glistenin when you seen 'em
Beemin' through the tints when I'm sittin in the "Phenom"
Oops! I mean Phantom, my words got tangled man
But this tiger striped watch'll make ya bitch a Bengals fan
We all know Jacob, check the shit he did
He spent more time, "Making The Band" than Diddy did
You feel my campaign, then drop your old spouse
I'm out in DC, at the "White and Gold House" (White and Gold House)...
Wanna convince me love, Secret Service meet with some of that Lewinsky love
She saw the chain, gave me brain, no strain ever since
Now that's what the fuck I call a good "Chain of Events"! Nigga


Diamonds on my damn chain! It ain't hard to tell!