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Artist: Fes Taylor
Album:  Needles, Thread & Fabric
Song:   Snitches Must Die (Head Hunters)
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Yea, I know I said I wouldn't do a part 2 to this shit (y'all motherfuckers)
But I realized the only thing I could was spit a rap at y'all niggaz (y'all motherfuckers)
Cuz I know if I start spitting slugs, y'all niggaz is telling (y'all motherfuckers)

[Fes Taylor]
I can't believe my fucking ears (my ears)
I hear dead niggaz talking, must be the buddha and beers
I ain't scared like Bonecrusher
Cuz I'm a lone hustler, and you a broke hustler
Trying to get a loan from customers
Taylor 2 Fly, I break up marriages
Now they call me Muzzles, kick babies out of carriages (watch me niggaz)
You mention my son, you nervous niggaz twitching with guns
You a losing nigga wishing they won
I speak out, had to petition the slums
My ambition becomes, now I sew it like the stitches is done
Where the fuck the snitches is from?  Long Island icea tea niggaz
Yea, my song is violent, fight these niggaz
If I clap they'll have indictments on my niggaz
So, only thing to do, write it like a scripture
Picture you put your man on, he turn tampon
Push a stamp on his forehead, niggaz all dead
Softer than cornbread, selling fake extasy pills
Fuck around, be the next to be chilled

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Niggaz is telling, right, watch what you saying, son
Fucking let a shot off, that'll make the neighbors run
Gus chased you through the mall, how is you hard?
Put a A.P.B. out, got a coward at large

[Fes Taylor]
I sick the wolves on him, if you him, Suge want him
Cuz I know this niggaz shook like Suge want him
Last time you said Specs name, it was in the court
Now you got the nerve to say his name on tracks for support
He'll smack you up, remember you was on tour with us
And the black bitches said you couldn't fuck
Even Specs beat you up, he was running ya house
Now this rat-ass nigga crawling out his mouse
Doust ya clothes, the smell of a foul smoke
How I broke my vocals like a pound of dope
The results too local, I hold a calico
All over the States, I know all of you cowards, yo
Amittyville Horror, I'm so sorry
To the family of the victim, but he like yard weed
So we smoke him after we lick him that's when his soul leave
Snitches get thrown in the ditches, that's how it's supposed to be (Die!)
Specs wrote to me, I told you, I got you, baby
Jim Licks, is you out ya fucking cockamamee mind?
I could pop him any time, got glocks and semi 9s
Even if they catch me, tell the judge I was aiming blind
I ain't see a thing, I don't know nothing
Yea, I know ya lips running telling police, yea they into something

[Hook 2X: Fes Taylor]
Snitches must die, snitches must die, snitches must die

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
How many motherfucking times? DIE MOTHERFUCKERS!
See I gotta be coming out of my character
I'm usually on some cool out shit, nah mean? (It's Park Hill, baby)
I realized, I'm just gon' have to embarass y'all niggaz, nah mean?
Make it so everywhere y'all walk it's like "Snitches!"
Put that stamp on ya fucking forehead, nah mean?
Let everybody know you was a fucking rat-ass nigga
I ain't gon' touch you, man, nah I'm saying?
Cuz my niggaz trying to get this bread, nah mean?
We don't need no more of my niggaz to be locked up
Cuz of y'all bitch-ass niggaz, nah mean?
Y'all faggot-ass niggaz be rat-ass niggaz
Jim Licks, motherfucking, One Shot
Motherfucking J the Bird, Big Perm
All y'all snitch-ass niggaz
It's like I'm gonna start shouting y'all out, The Snitch Crew
The Snitch Crew...