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Artist: Fredro Starr
Album:  Firestarr
Song:   Who Fuck Betta
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Who fuck betta then me, get sex wetter then me
Go down betta then me, can ya man girlfriend
You look better wit me, fantasy, you wishin
That ya man could be, slide ya body down the pole
Baby dance wit me, put ya legs on the dash
Boo be freaky wit me, turn you out
Be that bitch that I need you to be
Sleepin wit him, but you havin wet dreams of me

[Verse 1]
When you tired of the arguements, bills and fights
When ya sex life is boring, and he ain't fuckin you right
Hit my two way, we can do somethin tonight
Pick you up at the corner, hope in at the light
I'm that nigga that does what ya man won't do
Turn a small night, into a big mornin for you
I get more pleasure outta pleasin you, 
I won't cum till you cum, it's all for you
I don't mean to be oppose, of my demandin threats
First date pushin a five, flirtin wit death
Throw the top down, let the wind blow up ya dress
Slight wind chills, goosebumps go up ya flesh
She tole me, stop the lex, then she popped the X
Then she cocked her legs, then my cock was next
We could fuck on the hood, leave ya heels on
Pull over get a quickie, leave ya thongs on


[Verse 2]
I'm ya pride to get away, mami give me a call
Rest ya head on my shoulder's, don't cry no more
Be secure, grab ya hand when you walk in the mall
Sneak you up to the hills, for a midnight call
My thug paradise, blue waters, and white sands
Fantasize, when you close ya eyes, ya flight lands
We could cruise the coast, give ya body a slight tan
I drive wit the left, caress ya hair wit my right hand
Get out the rain, the thunder&storm
You gotta a man, I know it's wrong, but that pussy the bomb
C'mon now pretty girl, firestarr don't mean you no harm
You like it real slow, every touch turnin you on
We on the double dawn nigga, mantione, when you pop
Up in the mornin, i'll be gone
Ya pussy won't talk, my dick won't speak
What he don't no won't hurt him, he don't know you a freak