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Artist: Fredro Starr
Album:  Firestarr
Song:   Perfect Bitch
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[Fredro talking]
Now lemme do the intro
What up yo?  Yo I'm smokin this joint right
And I was thinkin, what if I could make
The perfect bitch, get all the bitches I like
Knamsayin? And make my own bitch, fuck that, yo, yo

[Chorus: repeat 3X]
If I could make the perfect bitch
She would look just like th-is
If I could make the perfect bitch

[Verse 1]
She would look like Maia, face like Tamia
Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia
Wit a twist of Halle, body like Jennifer
Physique like Vivica, more soul then Erykah
Not to say, bad as Beyonce
Typical hood bitch like Mary J.
wit a ass like Janet Jackson..
No ass like Toni Braxton titties like Janet Jackson
Wit a splash of Stacey Dash, sittin phat
In Prada bags, steppin out the topless jag
Skin tone like Ananda, freak bitch like Madonna
Wit a lotta Prada, bada like Donna
Legs long like Tyra, and strong like Mya
The perfect bitch jump into flames of fire
Brandy mixed wit Monica, body like Veronica, perfect bitch


[Verse 2]
If I could make the perfect bitch
She would look just like thid, begettes on her wrist
Down on the crist, exotic bitches, switch wigs like Kim
Choclate like Fox Boggie, draggin her timbs
Wit a smiley face, take the charge my bitch faithful
Malibu spilffs is where I take you, wish I was trapped
On a island, wavy hair like Kimora Simmions, the baddest
Bitch like Trina, wit a ounce of Christina, you might've
Seen her brickhouse like Eve, in the black beemer
Not to tall like Lisa Leslie, more like Lisa Ray
Short a mix wit Lisa 'Left Eye', and Lisa Bonet
She kiss the dice when I gamble, catch me cheatin
Start a scandal like Taral Hicks, my ghetto Naomi Campbell
Eyes like Vanessa Wills
Dress to killin em softly like Lauryn Hill


Where my down south, perfect bitches at
Where my up top, perfect bitches at
Where my west coast, perfect bitches at
Where my ghetto, perfect bitches at
Where my project, perfect bitches at