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Artist: Final Outlaw
Album:  Blacklisted (S)
Song:   Blacklisted
Typed by: @FinalOutlaw (Broken Sword Records)

This isn't for the xenophobic, not domestic my sty-litto is foreign
If you're conformist, I gotta warn you, this isn't for you
If you aren't up for exploring don't you cross the boarder
I've got obsessive compulsive cross word puzzle disorder
My mind is troubled, my mind is muscle, don't mind the muzzle
I thrive in the jungle, beware don't let king Midas touch you
I'm above you, I'm even beneath you, I'm all around you
Uneven frequencies traveling in the speed of sound I'm
In your nightmares, see my reflection in the mirror
See my image standing in the back of your high school pictures
Like yellow stone national park I'm ready to explode
My soul's the only one that can pull the sword out the stone
This isn't another tired rap about Al Capone
And Al Paciņo, Casinos, women and stacking dough
Witness the rising dough, the ovens gonna blow
The children wanna run, SO LET CHILDREN GO!!!

They don't want you to know that I exist, flashbacks of 96
Because I remind you of what they want you to forget (x6)
Let my people go

Jump in the rabbit hole
It didn't matter to Dorothy whether she was in Kansas anymore
Relax and let it go, just grab a hold of your kayak and let the rapids flow
Quit yapping about home already, and hand me the rope
You don't have any hope-in, this battle its over
The chances are low that you'll advance any further
I'll savagely murder any track that I'm on
I'll pivot my arm to swing the ax in my palm
I'm not telling you where, I planted the bomb
I'm not tell you how, I plan to disarm you
I'll damage you all; I know I'm losing my mind
I'm sick and tired, of ticking time, standing in line
The entertainment industry is corrupt in design
If Pac and Big were still alive I think they would resign
You better cherish me now, because it won't be long
Before I make a killing and suddenly end up gone

They don't want you to know that I exist, flashbacks of 96
Because I remind you of what they want you to forget (x6)
Let my people go

Hey Mr. Dr. Dre, have you heard who I am?
Please take my One Sheet; it's a pleasure shaking your hand
Feel free to forward my information to any man
Who's willing to take a stand, take a risk or a chance
I don't usually say any names but I been rhyming
All this time and my families still under the poverty line
I get props all the time but that just isn't enough
The next show promoter that don't pay up finna get snuffed
Sick of conducting business with undisciplined and twitted
Individuals who are narcissists and hedonistic
Who promise me there is no market for the realistic
Who prompt me to reconfigure the topics in my lyrics
Throw anything in my direction you can't kill my spirit
Unstoppable Love is approaching, you will all be witness
The warrior who fights by the broken sword is relentless
I'm an Outlaw; only God can pass my sentence