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Artist: Eyenine f/ Eyedea
Album:  Afraid to Dream
Song:   Cataract Vision
Typed by: Hatt's Crib

[Verse 1]
Start ? the things that make you think about yourself
Drop everything that's been a hassle to your mental health
Watch carefully and then you'll see I bear an empty shell 
Carelessly you'll never see apparent calls for help
What you believe so fluently that things can never change
And you stupidly refuse to see the errors in your ways
And I understand that ? plan it's thoroughly deranged
But that doesn't mean that you should so scared to break away
Well I wonder what's under the cover of darkness
Counting the number ?
Making an effort to realise all this suffering has to be making some progress
Treasure the way ? those places, hated the way that you showed me those faces
Breaking the balance of homeostasis, taking my talents and cover them basic
Oh face it, well it's inevitable when it's set in the stone when I'm sending my soul
Into the hell that I know that my rhetoric won't be ?
I'm faceless, this error hasn't made a name because it's caseless
I'm sick of all these wasted cases and their makeshift habitats
I'll  make sense out of rap and take this cataract and make your vision out of wack
It's calling, I'm falling a little bit more every day ? running from reapers I wanna be whole
? places of dwelling 
Well I guess I know one thing about life, everybody said to me that death is suicide
And I'm just trying to figure out if what I do is right
So Eyedea, why don't you grab the mic and shed a little light?

[Verse 2]
Well the summer bleeds a foreshadow of what's to come and go, the ? blankets me
Braces me, something sweet that I can taste
You're my mother, I'm your morphine, let's go make a baby out of two guitars 
That heavy heart, I'll seem happy when you're looking smoking singing eating fucking
One size fits angel coma, you're my favourite stranger
And I won't hate you till I know you
Somewhere between the garden and the grave
I bypassed the machine, I wouldn't have felt its effects anyway
Sentiment is the tramp that bored the special hollow
Cram it in my ? and leaves a whole lot less to swallow
Exercise your right to never buy what you can borrow
Carve my sorrys in the sky and hope the sun hides them tomorrow
Manufactured disaster, it seems I made my bed
No one sees the burn holes until the sleeper wakes up dead
Take my hands away, I'll pull the moon down with my wrists
Making plans to fake safe is possible is dangerous

[Verse 3]
Writer's block just might have stopped this song from being finished
Cause my mind was stopped from rhymes I've dropped from previous conditions
So I listen to the words again envision things I would have said
And crossed out many lines that didn't rhyme and left them all for dead
I was trapped inside my head and I couldn't get out my pen from my back pocket
Guess I lost it, so I wrote these words instead
If you would just shut up enough for me to get my point across
I'm sure this conflict could be solved without having substantial losses
And when I see the rain is coming overhead I stay and function 
Back inside my mind I try to find the ways to make assumptions
Taking something that's been written, mixing it down with high precision
And making it sound all nice and vivid imagine it with my direction and vision
And eloquence, the decadence, the medicine, the precedence
The messages, the sentences, the evidence that I presented to win
The reason to fight, the ? on their dream
The secret to life, the reason to be, yeah that's all that's shown to me

[Verse 4]
Well every once in a blue moon I read your mind
Heaven ended too soon and stole my pride and left me blind
Exercise my morning shakes pretended I was born this way
Wearing my Academy Award-winning performance face
Snake shedding skin, it's all in my head again
Life fetish led me to a dead end
I said when but no one was listening
Obviously cause they filled it to the brim and are spilling it all over me
Crawl, crawl, crawl, crawl in this hole with me 
I'd fall on my face just to make sure that you notice me
Your cold shoulder's always so sobering
I'll be understood as long as I don't overthink
Walking on thin ice, talking in the form of song
Singing in the key of life, I'll lose my voice before too long
Head came loose and they screwed it back together wrong
Fire behind my eyes, desire died all night long