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Artist: Eyedea (Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream)
Album:  Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream *
Song:   Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream Jam 5
Typed by: Steven Medina

* a Crushkill Recordings collective w/ Impulse, Kristoff Krane & more

All 3: Yeah yeah yeah

Eyedea: Drink it with ginger ale
Make it dangerous
This frame I've referenced painted a picture that looks insane to us
Yeah fuck your brush strokes
And your attention to detail
All muscle
No thought
Just grease in my coffins nail
Talk someome elses talk
Walk with someone elses plank
Youse in last place
This is not the first time I've felt this way
Help me feel like this is real life
Screaming at god to start purchasing the first right to poison your plight
And I cant see the fainting work as I left behind
Challenge in the break of the branch just where the decisions lie
Cant read the writing anymore because of the few confined
But it dosent matter anyway
because the words are already implanted in my mind
And I'll be fine just as long as they stop looking
When the sunshine burns me down and I whine up frozen not!
Choke ones past
And its always works the wrong day
Turn your short term relationship into a long day 

Kristoff Krane: wrong day

short wait
long day

short wait x 3

Eyedea: aaaahhhhhh

Kristoff Krane: Hover up that residue
with a sketchful peace note
Bench mark, bench warmers
Eating though my meat bone 
Tissues start soft
Gentle mistletoe? 
Teeth broke
We dont know no gimmicks
When their pulled
So get peace though?
We hold on to everything that we dont need though
Desire is retire quick
Swearing in a brief coat
Keep it to yourself
They tell me as I look away
Scared because I know that I might help you in a peaceful way
Microwave your vitamins
Lie to me with settle trip
Wreck yourself structure
Burst my bubble
I'll get a ton of bricks
I'll build a ???????..
Thatll say kill me
In the process of explaining my complaint
I'm not guilty
Punishment makes you think
Maybe I should stop
Before I try to fix the key
I should try to fix the lock 
Its all the same
Its nothing new
But its all on the same unique collapse on the floor
Through the trap door of opportunity

Eyedea: once upon time not too long ago 
I watched my favorite bird die
frozen inside the snow
dropped it in the water
I cried myself

Sector 7G: Dropped in the bucket 
Your too cold too warm
Your welcome
Too numb to feel the pressure 
Your so much worn of laughter?
Before the angels nabbed you
Because its my pleasure
Shoot me down

And one day you will feel much better
If I had a feather for every time you fucked up
I would fly away and we'd connect with what I once was 
Thats pain, thats love, thats what ?????..
You shouldnt use drugs ???????..
I use to wonder
Now I know enough to not care
You use to be the one
But now a days your not there
??And I ran through a club getting a lot of absorbents
Physically is beautiful and we commit what we are to sin??